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The extras in temporal scanner Thermometer Weather Center Mostly cloudy tomorrow high sixties and seventies. This report is brought to you by grocery outlet. We have a crash on the 10 in Yucaipa. Well, this is a really bad planets on the westbound side that live Oak Canyon. It looks for it like for a brief time they had all lanes off limits. Highway Patrol just told us that they they're holding the riot line before left lanes are now open. But traffic is just a huge mess backing up from Cherry Valley Boulevard. It's also causing us a slow down on the eastbound side, with delays for loading up all the way from the 2 15 Freeway. Let's check in with Mike O'Brien K a pie in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. He's got Anaheim Hills. Typical drive here on the 91 90. When he's found that jams up a little before we're candy and very heavy over the Green River. It's loosening up and then back on for blinking on and off with pretty much into Riverside at that point. Take this out. 15 mother breaks there from Magnolia. Prucha. Alco my time here. Why? Right here in pretty good shape down towards Elson or and it looks like the North found 57 tight. Squeeze there on that orange freeway. Starting about Diamond Bart Boulevard now be heavy after the 60 merge, interred in an accident. Is it? Super woman? Super Lawyer calm Mike O'Brien. Hey, if I in the sky This update is sponsored by I accident lawyer dot com k A pie in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez by accident. Lawyer dot com. Tired of the B s. We spent 500,000 of our money at risk Result. Eight million for leg injured motorcycle is that lawyers away to go call 91 result very no guarantee balance of nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time. Balance of nature helps every single person no matter if they're athletic, no matter if they're young, if their own and for me after.

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