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You know, you've got the young guys, you know, just with a lot of energy, so. Best Laker basketball is getting up and down, and I started in the Magic Johnson era. So you're trying to bring back that's Kevin Durant. Watching it last night. I'll see the warriors are the heavy favorites. They're going for a three peat. They're going for their fourth and last five years in the Lakers are getting started. That being said, I don't know if it's not a lot closer than we thought it was that what watching those two teams out there and I need no dream on. You mentioned that and clay and staff. We're playing limited time. It wasn't a full, knock down, drag out NBA game the I'll speak for myself. That was a lot closer than I thought it was going to be the talent on those teams. Warriors have more where's have morphed, but the gap, what I thought was going to be big wasn't why. Why did you think the gap was so big? Because I wasn't entirely sure what it was going to look like with Brandon Ingram and coups and heart and Lonzo in those guys in where their games would get pulled up to two, if LeBron is at the top of the mountain, how far instantly could he pull them up with him? I knew that he would just didn't know how far it was going to be and how long it would take and it, and he pulled. Them up pretty far in pretty quickly. I mean, we haven't started the season watching that game last night. There wasn't a discernible difference in the talent of those two teams on the court. Well, again, a lot of that has to do with the fact that it was preseason and it goes day worriers have been on this magical. Well, design plan run, right. And as we know whether you're talking worriers, will you talking the bulls where you talking the Lakers when he's talking? Basically every team suffered a Spurs at their certain period of the run. You get a little bored and you go through periods in which the interest is in there. The intensity is in there and start asking what's wrong with his team. The Golden State Warriors have already gone through that phase as well. They went through it until game seven of the western guard over last year. So it doesn't surprise me that they didn't enter a preseason and not give a damn, which is almost kind of what we saw. They did. You get the sense that they were just kind of going through it in lockup definitively they didn't have that. Ain't going to get. After it defensively. So so you know, I, I'm very optimistic in terms of what we're going to do in the regular season, but I'm not going to go so far as to say the gap between warrior talent and the Lakers talent isn't broad only because we actually haven't seen them really go after each other yet. I don't think it is broad. I did in watching it last night. I don't think it's as broad as I thought there's a gap there. No question about can gap, but this This is. is I mean, watching those guys open. You wrote Brandon Ingram last night. You. I hear them, but you wrote a ball out in the court and as any baller from here to New York, you know, who are the best three ballers best four dollars on the court. They're going to say LeBron and the rest of them going to be worriers now. Yeah, yeah. So the gap is still pretty big. The gap has gone from it was LeBron and then Katie Steph clay Draymond put them in whatever order you want to. Now the sudden at least we can. You're not gonna take Brandon Ingram before you take Steph or Katie, but you might take Brandon Ingram before you take? Probably not before clay either, but. It's not a okay, this guy's attend. This guy's attend. This guy's at ten, and in these guys are four, fives and sixes. We'll get some seven eighths in there now, I think. Yeah, yeah. We definitely have some seven or eight is just that the weakest number that the we'll go to worry. How is a nine and a half. Why fun you'll see. I'm just trying to make sure you're not out there saying, we're the next Golden State beat Portland..

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