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They trailed by double digits three times in the second half of those games. They don't get rattled. They don't overreact. They just keep playing. And those two layups. I'm not given any credit to Miami defense. It's not like they were contested. A band was flying at him. They just stone missed too easy. Layups Bio. It's the first of two the first foul on Gordon Hayward, by the way, Rachel Nichols reported. Earlier in the first half our colleague over on the TV side with their fourth child soon do We assume that Gordon was going to go home for the birth, But they said they had the unexpected family time when Jordan was rehabbing his ankle second free throw good, So the current plan is for Gordon Hayward to stay here in the bubble with the Celtics in the conference finals. 80 to 67 Celtics. Still a 15 point lead 2.5 to go in the third, Hayward passed to the baseline out of the wing. It goes toe Walker Kemble with nine against Kendrick. Nunn pulls for three no around the rim and added by allies the board. Williams doesn't seem to know where he fits in the offense. He sometimes gets in the guy's way. Here's drug. It's hanging tough jumper goes and just like that Miami within 13. 2 15 on the clock. Jalen Brown passes along the baseline. Hayward left corner drives in against hero to the high post Turns looks for the duck instead will fade fire. Miss Miami got it. Two minutes left in the third quarter. Boston down 13 drag. It thought about a three goes to hero on the way. Back to Goran. Goran takes Grant Williams down deep puts it up with a turning left hand. No good, but got a foul called against him. So I wonder how much If your Boston and this gets inside of 10 and then seven how much game pressure you feel? How much the weight of the relinquish leads in Game one game to play on your minds? An enormous amount. It will be a major major factor in the game that excuse me. Yes, they could survive it, but it's going to be a heck of a lot easier if they can regroup. And keep this 10 or above. Don't let Deja vu. Lord Dragon, The 1st 81 Miami run there within 12 1. More free throw coming Made between free throws Daniel Thais back on the floor for Grant Williams. That's how concerned Brad is gonna drive. It appears to be getting untracked. 40 left in the 3rd 11 point. Celtic Lee Brown stripped of the ball didn't go office dying outta bounds. That's the ruling Miami will get it. Chance to get it under 10. Watching a replay that was defensive play didn't just lose it. Derrick Jones made a really good play knocked it down off his 5 90 seconds to go in the third. Here's drug is getting all the way baseline pass in the corner, the hero back to go run on the wing nine to shoot drug It's against Thais takes him into the lane passes out to Jones. He's the clock five gives to Gordon puts up a three no good offensive board Jones in the quarter hero with a fresh 14 Tyler on the drive double covered high off the glass gets the role Miami and single figures down. I know they scored the point, but it's the activity level that has risen the intensity the quickness to the ball. 11 1 run Kemba Walker ends it with a jumper at the free throw line. Boston Back up 11 huge in the energy offensive rebounds. What caused that last one? Seconds left in the third Olenick catch and shoot three of Miss Long rebound tipped in the air Campbell tips into Tatum collision in half court and it's a Miami blocking foul on Goran drug. It's with 43 seconds to go here in the third. Third on drug. It's free throws coming for the Celts in Boston, a chance to try and rebuild the lead, which has gone from 19 down nine. Gordon made a bad decision there. You really didn't have the angle and he was trying to slow the fast break down, but what he's done is one of a excellent free throw shooter at the line when they're struggling to score. Jason Tatum's first free throw is good. I'm wearing an interesting color sneakers tonight was going to say, highlighter yellow, but they're kind of mustard yellow with a little bit of highlighter orange along the sides and the back. What a contrast to those classic Celtics green uniforms. Second free throw good as well. 86 73 Celtics. Couple of Really big possessions here little three quarter court pressure to take some time off the clock. Miami would love to get it to for one here 34 seconds to go in the third year over the left hand dribble inside the lane passes to the quarter stolen by Hayward turnover up ahead. Catatumbo slams with two hands and gets fouled. Kendrick Nunn was trying to chase him down from behind. That was gonna be an easy deuce. Anyway, Tatum got the two on the dung and the harm in a chance of a three point filed by Kendrick. None but what made that play? Tyler here, got caught in the air and turned it over. But Gordon Hayward got the steel never bounced. It just turned. He.

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