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The league but again i think that a lot of their struggles on the road come down to situational baseball they had opportunities last joe panic leaves off and the first thing with the double noone advances in no one gets him into no one gets him over to third base so they can get him in with a ground ball or sacrifice fly and then pablo sandoval leads often ending with a single he doesn't advance paths for space a giants pitchers have struggled to get sacked bounce down i mean it it's just gotten to the point where they really need to improve their situational hitting if they're going to win games on the road they have to in the road the road is not been friendly but it's almost half over and the giants are coming home and i think they'll turn the miami thing around once they get home austin jackson and you know you saw it i saw it and my reaction was you just can't have this this is the major leagues you cannot have a center fielder doing a pure wet and going back and having a ball hit off his glove and it ends up truthfully costing him the game that didn't have to but it did austin jackson carey i know douger is down there i know slater is down there don't you think at some point if it's pence or austin jackson may have got to deal with these players they absolutely have to in the front office has to realize hey they may be paying more money to a jackson or a pence but you have to go with the more productive threats and right now stephen douger is clearly the best center fielder the giants could have and awesome slater is the guy who looks like he could be playing field every day and so you gotta give mac mac williamson a few more chances to get going but at some point they're going to have to strongly consider steven austin slater and i think it'll be sooner rather than later because they're getting to the point where the division is starting to take shape and it's getting away from them a little bit they're closer to the padres than they are to the top of the division right now closer to last place than they are the first place.

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