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Just say Diego coca the new manager just force that generational shift to say we're going to do it this way? Right. I think it's two reasons and you talked about the U.S. at the last World Cup being one of the youngest teams. Mexico is one of the oldest teams, right? So we're talking about two ends of the spectrum here in the approach on team building. And I would argue that the U.S. obviously did better. They got out of their group, whereas Mexico didn't for the first time since 1978. Now there's a new guy in charge, as you mentioned, Diego coca. And for this first couple of competitive fixtures in the Concacaf Nations League, he's essentially respecting the base of players that went to the last World Cup. That's interesting because on one hand, you can understand that by saying, okay, these are competitive matches. This is the nation's league. This is not a couple of friendlies. But the level of teams that you're going to be facing at the concatenations league should allow you to experiment a little bit and kind of bring forth some of the new blood that you want to see. With memo choa, I think that there's going to be opportunities for Carlos acevedo there to kind of unseat him and allow him to play. I think there's already been extensive discussion as to whether he's going to start one of those two Nations League games. And I do believe that that's going to happen at the same time, we just talked about it, it's not just one guy that needs to unseat memoir choa. You need to have depth at every single position and goalkeeper is such an important position in modern football that you can't really depend on the young buck that's coming up 26, 27 years old. And then behind him, the guy that's going to be 41 years old. You need more options. And it's interesting you say that because Greg berhalter, the ex U.S. miss national manager, essentially had the same decision for the World Cup. His guy was Zach Stephan, and he said, hey, Zach, you're not even going as one of the three. Zack Stephen argued we could have been better than Ethan horvath or Sean Johnson, but he wanted to give Matt Turner a peace of mind that this is yours. You're the guy, so he left Zach Stephan out. And it's a difficult process, but because of Tata martino, what he did essentially Mexico now, this next World Cup will have zero players under 26 years of age with World Cup experience. So I understand that and if I may, I think the reason Diego coca doesn't do this right now is because that martino did a number with Mexican national team that he can't afford not to win the nation's league. He can't afford not to win gold cup. It could be his job, so he's got to go with whoever he thinks is the best team now. So listen, memo choa, if you guys see that 6 World Cup, I'll raise a Bud Light in his honor. It's not going to be easy, but it will set him apart. He will be the only player on this earth to do so. My man Eric Gomez of ESPN, I really appreciate you being with us, my man. Thank you. Thank you so much. And again, congratulations. This is a huge deal. I'm so happy to be one of the first guests here and hopefully we can talk soon about more things regarding the Mexico national team. Mama.

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