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I'm John Valeria and locally the deadly explosion in Allentown over the weekend that killed two men and young boy is being labeled a murder suicide. More from KYWZ suburban bureau chief, Jim Melwert, ATF special agent in charge. Donald Robinson says twenty nine year old. Jacob Schwalier intentionally killed his two year old son JJ and a friend Sixty-six-year-old David Hallman lowering hall into a car before he detonated the explosive Schwalier in the driver's seat. Hallman was on the passenger side of the vehicle and the baby was in a car seat in the back on the driver's side. As for why Robinson says Schwalier mailed four letters to the family one to Allentown police Robinson declined to get into specifics of the letter, but he described Schwalier as miserable. Didn't think he was going to get any better. There's a lot of hatred there. And obviously some directed at Mr. Hallman and his son the bombers homemade with materials that can be legally purchased Robinson says at that time of night at that part of town. It's fortunate. No one else was hurt or killed in Allentown, Jim Melwert. Newsradio a veteran. Philadelphia. Police commander has been put on desk duty as internal affairs probes. A Wednesday night incident during which he allegedly grabbed a fellow female police captain during a drug arrest. Twisted her arm and threw her to the ground KYW's. Marc Abrahams reports sixty five year old chief inspector Anthony Boyle, a forty two year veteran of the force and commander of the narcotics squad is accused by Fifty-three-year-old captain Laverne van of physically assaulting her as she was arresting a drug suspect in north Philadelphia van a twenty nine year veteran of the force is suing boil and the police department in federal court for racial discrimination. She's alleging through her attorney that boils actions the other night were retaliation for that suit. Police spokesman captain Sekou can't Abreu. We have strong policies on harassment's or any unsafe conditions in the workplace, everyone should be entitled to and I have the feeling that when you come to work you'll go home in the same condition. You left would speculate on how long? It would take complete the internal affairs probe Mark Abrams KYW NewsRadio. Philadelphia. Authorities have announced charges against Fifty-seven people linked to a major drug organization. They say was suffocating a large chunk of the Kensington neighborhood. KYW's? Kristen Johanson reports. Investigators say her mom, they'll meet along with Jeremiah Figaro in Orlando Moran, led the Alameda, drug trafficking organization saying heroin cocaine and crack cocaine the trio now faces nearly seven hundred charges combined. Mr. elevated, not only I would sell his own heart. When you also rent the block prosecutor, Ryan slave and says, the focus was around Kip and Cambridge streets are estimates on a daily consumption on his blog range from five to ten thousand dollars daily narcotic sales at about ten bucks a dose. Stop inspector, Mike. Cram works in the neighborhood and says they served warrants residents with think then they would now. Thank thank you. But they couldn't come out and say it, you know, people would give you a law. That's had not it goes to the power of Mr. Mita. That nobody has even attempted to fill that void right now. Kristen Johanson K by w NewsRadio..

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