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I do i really you know because now we're talking like yeah we're hair three years ago how is what's the what's the other girl's name dorothy house door dorothy is good or is in a relationship now a new sorry putting your relationship last year she's really go sexing her this morning this her on saturday oh nice yeah i think she was funny you guys were funny together all these funny girl so what so you do you enjoy doing it like how often did you is have to film and everything i love doing the shows definitely a lot of work people don't realize that about reality shows you work you feel all day long we filmed i probably film six days a week we traveled all the time and then we did the interviews like through weeks after like every three weeks do interviews which was like a seven hour guy no appointment it was like the worst most tedious thing ever was show long those never got easier for me but i i love the show i love doing the show but i did the show for the perfect amount of time like when it ended i was like okay you know what is not a seven hour gano appointment making delicious meal from sun basket which never takes more than thirty minutes and it's delicious and i love it oh my god you know what's really great is i had a couple of the meals in my fridge that i didn't have time to get too early in the week so i had my friend lives and her husband come over and even though we had the meals for two people we made a few of them and it was delicious i had the asian chicken stir fry as filet mignon was amazing i never cooked to fillet before on a pan and it was so easy and juicy and cooked absolutely perfectly because the produce is organic and cleaning greedy and just delivered right to your door you could make it paleo gluten free leaning clean vegan whatever you want you choose from eighteen healthy options every week and the recipes are right there and so easy to follow and just delicious best farm and suppliers bring you this fresh organic produce so this what you're gonna do gonna go to sun basket dot com slash juicy today and learn more and get thirty five.

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