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From, ABC, news I'm Michelle Franzen President Trump attempting to clarify statements at the summit Tuesday at. The White House the president said, he misspoke saying he meant to say the word wouldn't instead of wood when talking about Russian interference in the election ABC's Jonathan Karl says that may. Not be enough I don't think that his efforts to offer a, clarification are gonna please many people focused so narrowly on. On one, sentence I mean the whole tone of the press conference was. What was condemned the fact that, he was asked you know about the state of US Russian relations and whether or not the Russians bear responsibility or blamed for. Any of it and he seemed to suggest did it was the United States or at least as much in not, not Putin zone actions that were to blame a twenty, nine year old Russian gun rights activists was indicted in federal. Court on charges she acted as an agent of a, foreign, government officials say Maria Bettina entered the US son an f. one student visa in two thousand sixteen and targeted political candidates to secretly. Advance Russian interests ABC's Pierre Thomas tells us she's due back in court Wednesday denying anyone doing. An attorney calls the charges overblown, saying she's only here to improve US Russian relations but she faces up to fifteen years in prison if convicted MGM resorts owner of the Las Vegas. Mandalay bay hotel is suing more than one thousand survivors of the, sniper shooting in October that killed fifty eight people at. An outdoor, concert the company says it needs to protect itself from being. Held liable for the bullets that, rained down from its hotel room ABC's legal analyst Royal Oakes tells us why this is the litigation version of the maximum the. Best defense is good offense at the risk of assume NAMI of bad.

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