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1 to 894 81 81. When news breaks we break in news, radio K. L. B. J from the Crystal President Trump only has about 26 hours left in office. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News and we've just learned he's recorded a farewell message that I go out either tonight. Or the video would be out tomorrow as they secure the capital for Joe Biden's inauguration tomorrow. Rest assured that every level of law enforcement and the National Guard are working around the clock here in Washington, D C boxes Jeff, but also has more on that live. Dave. Acting U. S Attorney General Jeff Rosen's destination will witness an orderly transition of power tomorrow. With this warning to Justice Department will have no tolerance for anyone who attempts tomorrow the day With violence or other criminal conduct. Anyone who does that will be caught and they will be prosecuted. The Department of Justice, along with every level of law enforcement and the National Guard, are working around the clock in D. C as local law enforcement does the same and government buildings in all 50 states amid recent protests at the U. S Capitol. That's so far Dave has led to over 100 arrests. Jeff in the investigation that Rosen says that nearly 200,000 digital tips from the public former secretary of State Hillary Clinton wants a new Trump Russia probe. Clinton says that she wants to see the president's phone records to see if he spoke to Vladimir Putin on the day of the riot, suggesting that this could have been a premeditated attack orchestrated by Vladimir Putin. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks the investigation is appropriate and sense that there is support for it in Congress. This Carley Shimkus confirmation here is getting underway. The Senate for Several top Biden cabinet nominees, including the secretaries of state defense and Treasury. There's a memorial later the president elect will attend forward that lights will shine around the Lincoln Memorial, reflecting pool for those who died from the Corona virus in the U. S. And that number today could top 400,000 out of 24 million covert infections. Since the pandemic started. America's listening to Fox News KO BJ News time is 902. Good morning on Mark Caesar. This update is brought to you by Apple Leasing Governor Greg Abbott will give an update this morning on vaccination efforts. The state is opening more locations and is expecting more shipments of the vaccines. The Austin City Council is considering leasing another hotel. Hotel is located near 6 21 83 on Picon Park Boulevard. The City Council agenda says the hotel would house people in danger of being infected with the coronavirus. That vote is set for this week. The Maynor School district is temporarily stopping on campus classes at two schools for this weekend next week. The schools are Maynor senior High and Presidential Meadows Elementary School. The district says staff and students have tested positive for covert 19. It's 64 degrees. Get Austin News on demand at news radio K l B J COM Come to the tree House of Love. Call us with your opinion. 5123605 90 Now. Here are Todd and done. I got a second man. I forgot to set some equipment up here. Hang on us. What are you doing? Just forget it. Set up the camera man for the recording of the tide of Don show podcast. I'm sorry I got I got a lot ahead of my game there. Then the dad did he did a dad see here? There we go. There we go. Sorry, they think. Well, thank you for bearing with me. What makes good radio is video. That's right, Horse. That's right. Let's see. All right, listen, there's a couple of poles that are out this morning. Thank you. It's a new survey. It indicates that 75% people who left the office. You know the work at home. They're ready to go back to work. Yeah. Do you miss working in the office environment? Most people are back in the office. I think I don't No, are they? I mean, here in our building and kind of half and half occasion, and I think that's what a lot of people are doing. Do you want to go back 100%, and you don't want to do like a mix some at home and somebody at the office at 51283605 Niner. This is all about getting our economy back up and running again. I think the answers might have been a lot different. Golly, we're looking again. We're coming up on a year since everything changed and a lot of people went home to work Might have been different. Lot of people were excited. It was novel. It was new and fresh and neat. And now you're a year into it for a lot of you. Yeah, you might be climbing the walls and ready for some change of venue. Maybe it would be good to have a little bit couple days at home few days at the office back and forth. I think our traffic would appreciate it. That's for sure. I really like the flexibility. Yeah, 512836059. He got a couple of gun legislation or ideas on the table. This legislative session in Texas one Would require us all a zoo gun owner to retreat back into your home before you defend yourself if you can. That's the Terry Mays a bill that will get zero attention in our nation in our state Capitol. And then he got recently elected Democrats Sarah Eckhardt, formerly Travis County Judge, Sarah Eckhardt, who wants to ban guns. Openly near protests and 500 ft away. You got to keep him away. And you like this idea? Well, Todd, I Yes. Yeah, I guess I do now. I'm not some, but you're not going to see me down a protest. You're not going to see me at rallies. I don't do that. It's not like you don't even have a dog in this house. I don't have a dog in this hunt, but but you want people to limit their second Amendment rights? I'm just saying as you're gonna be at home While people are at a protest, you're gonna be at home. So you want to restrict people Second Amendment rights. They happen to go to what should be. That should be welcoming thing for most people, and you should be able to feel comfortable about doing that. It taught. I can't control First of all I am for your right to carry a weapon or their own weapon. I'm all for that. But Todd, what I'm not for is heightening the tension, heightening the possibility for something to happen. Guess what I'm not for guests run opposite of the spectrum, because, you know, unarmed society is a polite society of my world. Okay, man. Everybody's polite chance to speak..

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