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Now global news update declared poll leader Yang Yang concern. I'm Barbara Kusak. The field of Democrats seeking the party's presidential nomination. In twenty twenty is already one of the largest party is seen correspondent, Brian Noble's reports for I was most likely caucus attendees to names lead, the pack. Joe Biden Bernie Sanders. There's top the field, and they do so by pretty wide margin Sanders trailing behind abiding by only two points. I and there's not even another candidate who can even crack ten percent. Elizabeth Warren at nine percent, Kamala. Harris at seven percent better work has five percent. Cory Booker Amy klobuchar both registered three percent. The Trump administration's first budget since the Democrats won control of the house comes Monday amid a spike in the federal deficit more than thirty people were injured as a Turkish Airlines flight encountered severe turbulence on. It's approach to New York's Kennedy international airport on Saturday from Istanbul. North Korea may be preparing to launch a missile or a space rocket in the near future. According to new satellite images. Correspondent will Ripley reports. The commercial images were taken from facility that has since down was one shutdown Korea's one of their main launch sites these so hey, satellite launch facility which has been rebuilt after being partially dismantled as part of a pledge by Kim Jong on to take the place apart. Well, now, it's now believed to be back up and running fully operational according to private analysts, although that has yet to be confirmed by the US government. Chris bury Marlins Maderas reports senior R Kelly was released from Chicago jail after someone paid off his six-figure child support payment singer R Kelly briefly spoke to reporters since he left to Chicago jail after one hundred and sixty one thousand dollar child support payment was made on his behalf. Kelly was also charged last month with ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse, pretending to three girls and one woman..

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