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To sell the rumor with it as civic that it needs to fit properly or fit with the JIG I bought? Well the valley rumors at Twelve degrees included angle so each side is six degrees of the cone. Let's say so Most in other chair makers utilize that Roemer. There's some chair makers that utilize eleven degrees and honorary. Well it's something that My Dunbar You know the winds were instituted. Really Started Teaching Windsor chairs on twenty twenty twenty five years England. He is ornery and he started with the eleven degree Reamer but then most chair makers I know like your Peter Galbraith Carter's Buchanon Elia bizarre and they all use Six degrees warmer so three degrees outside in most of the people I know us six degree rumors. And those are the ones that you can buy from Elliot and Tim Manny. You know the wooden hand remorse and they're really nice so But to use this boring jake to Tarim holes or really need a medal. Rumor that can be used under drill. So that's the reason and the reason for me having been built at the six degrees is 'cause Used to that's what everyone has probably may be already have ten cutters for their legs six degrees. So you WanNa follow all that so so I just need to find a source and I've had a lot of DM's from folks going. Let me news. Soon as you find a source you know because a lot of people are using these These handwriting Merson..

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