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You will not take these things off just take a look at some of the shorts all right do we have that this from nineteen ninetyfour kevin and bean nice to talk to you celebrity sighting from johnny yep who is it well let me tell you the story where are you bill summit no summit no boarding last weekend and i was on the shuttle coming back to my car i'm talking to my friend i hear this guy make it funny noise of throat i toot around and there's this guy hitting his chest and i don't know what's going on and sure enough i couldn't i recognize the ocean spray commercial i was standing right next to bobby mcferrin mr joel rabi happy lobbies big ferret thanks the first effort bobby ever jimmy i'm not sure we have time lisa damage shaymiev here thirty second can you can we put your home eight bobby mcferrin black what the hell was he doing on a ski slope jim see now i had it in my mind that jimmy was doing one of his sports reports and said bobby mcferrin broke his leg or something on the ski slopes i took like skiing as a sport and but it was a caller what if that caller had never seen bobby mcferrin shuttle him and edible arrangements i don't think that jimmy and michael the maintenance man would have made an excuse to jimmy michael maidens man was there for a million years never boxing kevin being weren't morning zoo ish this isn't the kind of thing they would have put on they've never done one since that i'm aware of so i don't know if this would have went down i think the end of this is calling in or michael coming in and saying something let me listen when you ready boy not check it out when you ready mean angle head to toe to toe i don't think i don't think fighting are you going head to toe to toe to toe to toe that's why i wanted to train him because terry claybon my boxing coach was a brother and a great boxer and he told me once boxing is about putting faces in seats what i do the guy was great boxer i'm for it hey listen it's not a good boxer tony randall and other people who speak eloquently right now just hearing that you go i wanna go i want to train the brother who doesn't know how to talk right toe to toe toe to michael but white people can't box why people can't jay cody of all well i don't know that we do that we need to get into for the white people you a i mean you radio arrange of boxing match sure why not rain just hey there's no better way.

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