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And no pumpkin pie now i talked earlier about reading kathleen purposes article about macaroni and cheese and i never knew that in the black community this is hallowed ground that it's not just mac and cheese that there are there's probably somebody in the family that does the mac and cheese and nobody else does it and it's a recipe and has been handed down and it is and and so on looking for an african american family to invite me for for'mixing cheese which are probably not supposed to be eaten but um i mean it's a territorial it's it is a serious business there's lots of white people who think they can make macaroni and cheese let me tell you something from what i read in catholic berge she was a catholic burbs the story that i don't have the article in front of me but she was asked to go speak to some kids at a scott bagged and one of the questions she asked was what's your favorite food at thanksgiving and she said barbara bush went through that this the turkey's addressing the like this i like that and then uh some kids said macaroni and cheese and all the light kids said uh and ad for for thanksgiving and all the black kids said yes absolutely and then she said so i was there to teach the kids the kids didn't learn i learned meeting kathleen purpose learn and that's when she wrote this article about macaroni and cheese and the black community and what i mean there is usually somebody in the family that has designated uh debts earned the right and that's the only one this going to be designated to make it and it is a serious serious assignment in a business uh and i wanna i wanna i wanna try it aga you know i tried you're caller drains like that now let's get me on samak aji's so as it's just a story narrowed i never knew i doubt very seriously that the pringle's mac and cheese potato chip is probably going to do all he is probably going to.

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