Donnie Nelson, REX, Willis discussed on MRN Classic Races - 1977 Firecracker 400


Into getting him out of the running can we have cooker marlon and it's there group your you pull your car down on the grass is or something wrong with that yes it is and he had as a last place gets we'd love to break we don't the shift will with year now are you gonna be out of the race now of course okay work on it right staff so went the election you would know what a problem right quick it in i will get back in and i lose but they will not permitted work on if you're into red flags that rex as jay we just have staying in to only started probably wouldn't we go to work can we also have mayo bodet who started on the pole position here today no you brought back right from the very beginning what happened on the take all and it would been and with little trouble sworn i've been working on the motor up to raise time oh man it's it is the store that so right now voted of overload nobody ain't what it is but motor just as much upward like it was going to work so when it worked out is as the car running all right now willis los a tough thing in a returned the ball sixty you know nor for human that's all of a do some of this not the top of the mode and we got another member alabama game there donnie else now serves line going down well now ryan enough it was though rake okay where you said it it was worried about you because you have some problems with you one telling what they were well ideas i think it's to versus second turn to good enough it's really earning time was but i believe we get a chance to get some adjustments made a test may will be our atlanta mike's i do you better bladed donnie nelson back to the well the thunder and lightning brigade has been up stage here by the authentic thunder enlightening for the fourth of july we're seems i'm lighting up turn number.

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