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I get those those those. There's those like retro gamers like man everything's gotta be hard. I gotTa Die Thousand Times. That's not the type experience I look for and I'm by the game is hard and great, and that's perfectly fine I mean I love Cup in Cup his heart attack but there's so much love into the level design of the game were actually being it's a complimentary that's not too hard. His will give you challenge each of the boss fights they all have their distinct things you gotta learn order to beat them not one bus feels the same as the other one tiny note on that. Since October I can I'll. I'll. I'll say so I am going to start cocktail. For, streaming. And he starts to now way. I cannot wait. I was like I'm getting something different in October and there's something creepy about cocaine. Something, about I said something about Helen in it knows like. Equal Okay Yeah I read it. So was like okay. I'm GonNa try been out me saying that it's like extra difficult. Oh No it's extra difficult. Even tell myself I diet a thousand times under one boss light and night even like one the later ones it's actually one of the earlier ones like you. It's your good die a thousand times is to learn how to be a boss to get the next one and that's the soured is. I mean if you're okay go ahead. Hey, you the play the Tober he said it was scary. It will pull your hair out I mean that's that that will make you go behold that might be a scary thing. Play here like so. UNBE lasting that I did I violently died in starting valley. I was I needed deep breathing because I was screaming. Lose your Summer Cup it. I promise. You like my voice. Is Not easy. This is someone who's Played Cup at who can tell us experience Still enjoyed the Ritz. In excellent platformer like the boss fights they as hard as they are they provide a lot of You know there's a lot of smart design and the fact that they keep changing different forums and sometimes you'll die them the next time you try them again the fight a different way. So. I, don't mind game being a game being hard and gaming easy does not factor into whether or not as good. It's how they go about being easier being hard and the waiting Super Mario Galaxy works of being so darn rewarding but of just being so. I am I really just don't see a big deal about it not being that difficult and even then there are some very difficult levels. Later on I mean someone the bonus levels they are hard as AC like belt give they'll throw in a challenge like not to maybe not on the main path and beating the game period defeating Bowser but some of the extra levels to go to get that one, hundred, twenty, one stars they'll put in some tough ones because they some the bonus levels involve view like juggling on a little ball that's got star trapped inside. See after you're rolling it like A. Like a little Rolling a hamster ball, and you're trying to get all the way the top. So it can. Break opens you can collect the star. But you juggling and I, was like Douglas. Sorry. Yeah there's other bonus stages where you're having to platform islands. Some tricky. Places with a lot of a lot of ways you could fall off the edge so they will put throwing some tough blends, but it's like a if you just want to beat the game ill, you dear that and just have a great time and Nali that but each world's in in. Learning the different visual personalities of each of the world at your explorer..

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