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Layers let's measure player ready to rakings by miles i'm just i'm just trying to figure out of here and broke the unwritten rules of the podcast here man does that just bother me to no end these unwritten rules and these players and coaches they like the pinned on them as if they're like why have to hit him now you go and do that you get suspended i don't think it's a good thing when it's predictable to us the viewers i actually think that's bad for baseball when we know it's coming when you when it's so patently obvious well you know it's okay once in a while to hit somebody like and then pedro martinez afterwards is talking about all we had to do it but he should have done it the first not the second about i'm like why is anybody throwing the so dangerous to throw one hundred mph pitches at somebody poor man margot did nothing wrong and he broke a rib i mean that's ridiculous yeah and you want me to rant on the fact that i think there's a wide divide between how we're punishing hitters for this compared to pitchers yeah i mean like like it's ridiculous dome is not going to miss a start he's gonna get a fivegame suspension and not miss a start if i mean all you have to do is use the off days which are more of and the schedule the push guy back it's just i i understand cal costing a pitcher a larger number of games than i hit her i get it it seems imbalanced on the surface but starts don't work enough all right let's talk to some of the good stuff that did happen on wednesday four players to homerun let's the scots them gary sanchez the yankees we all know him top catcher and fantasy that shouldn't have changed with a rough first ten days or whatever it is so let's not waste time but the other guys a little more interesting to me i mean not more valuable how your buyers has consecutive has back has multiple searching for my word it's like a country mile away multiple home runs on consecutive days should we and yesterday he had a common meal which will get to the second so should we view by differently or is this just pitched pittsburgh pitching.

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