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My name is joey and welcome to the digi. Over easy podcast. I'm here today. Filling in for mr fruit. And i think we get some banger topics today. Honestly like who is this guy. Who's this guy. We'll find this exactly you'll find out about joey's lower. Mr fruit is currently on vacation For his honeymoon college my episode. So exactly as i get the hell out of here today. We talk about Joey's lor what he's kinda gone through to get him to this point. We talk about pokemon unite. Is it dare. I say the greatest Mobile to ever grace the earth And we also talk about uh some other things that you can find out. Qa questions so guys you guys offer hanging out and listening to the podcast. Let's get right into it. I started just like this. That's how we start these podcasts. Joining mister fruits. Here's kind of you know you kinda just with just gonna win that and like mr. He keeps us in line. You know. I think that as kind of inside the nba. Almost like he's ernie johnson and i'm shack blue's charles barkley stood. I only understand that. I can't be charles barkley. He has he has major beef. San antonio's we okay. Okay i'll be. I'll be charles. You could be shack. Gaia go anyways. Welcome to episode ninety. Three of the gee-gee over easy podcasts. Also known as the episode dad is away getting spaghetti's this route. Mr fruit is away right now on his honeymoon. You wouldn't know that. Because he's still uploaded like a freak like grinders. He is He will be back next week for episode ninety four. It's crazy that we're almost a hundred episodes that is or willie on tickets place. Yeah a and Introducing the guest filling in for mr for today about time joey. Welcome joey not not maybe as great as your podcastone as the cosmic couch brand new on spotify and youtube what we saw we saw we saw your tape over at the cosmic couch. And we thought we'd sign you overhear gio visa. Guess appearance glad to be. I'm glad to change sides so so early on in the game. I'm your voice. It's about time but he got it. I listen. I gotta get to it before everybody in their moms. Start saying it. It's a whole thing. It's always out every time for for the people who aren't familiar with joey or his law or anything like that My experience with joey is joey was mr. This is my. This is my Joey was mr fruit commenter. Who left cool comments and mr fruits pokemon videos or just videos. In general i think almost started with pokemon. And then kinda went to other things as well and then I don't know if officially games with him at some point or you just or he just thought you're really funny and cool because you are. You know joe. You're i gotta i gotta be honest. I think he thought i was cringe as hell. But you know what thanks rob for thinking now now now you have to look those comments. Those he never heard that comment do actually. I was going to say that. One of my favorite. Yeah what what i used to do. Is write a paragraph long nose law comments under mr fruits like second channel knows locks starting with the heart gold one that he did episode eight or seven. You can find me. Go ahead and check now and under that comment someone said oh my god. You should do this for every episode and i was like. Oh maybe i should so yo. If you're out there that guy who said that. I'm here because he aided you're saying the the og Oji office episode. Seven or eight. Did start doing them. That i made like like like to sentence long. Like recap of the last episode or something. Okay so so he's episode seven over I'm looking at it right now. And here's about time joey. One hundred ninety eight votes Praying nobody dies this episode. Pray hit emoji. Okay okay so that was the first one. Okay now. i think episode aid is were started doing things. Yeah okay so episode. Eight is when you start like. Hey i'm pick this up said pie. Notice my i. This is my job now. You know what. I actually think i have a screen shot of when that was e mailed to me mr fruit harder. Harder thing on really. Yeah i i was like. Oh let's go because i used to. I was super into the game. I started watching fruit and like twenty sixteen which to put in perspective. I was fifteen years old. So i was five years ago while i'm twenty now so i've grown up a little bit even drink can't even drink yet but you know what this this number baby mom click out of it now you know but like yeah so i think it started episode eight and it just kept going and then he started pinning them. He started like an an pen in them. I was like can you..

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