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Anything of the Frank. She's not prepared for this. Under career right here. Still single song. She says. Blang along go powerful. Good interview, because I love the idea that like I said, pressing around the abortion, one second before birth you're going after her favorite songs. I love. However, I gotta say her answers are Sarel bed terrible. Well, what are the three genres? I can list that have you can't criticize like if you're going to three it's gotta be hip hop reggae and jazz. And then well, who's your favorite Bob Marley? All right. Have any knowledge of like that's what I would say. Big reggae fan, myself, visiting Jamaica, once I would say probably Bob Marley, because other than Ziggy Marley. I couldn't pick anyone else that I couldn't either right? And then what are your favorite three artists, your favorite three songs on your mic state? And she didn't name me Bob Marley. Again. Cardi B, which is just like. That one should be controversial. Here's a woman who has described herself, how she would drug Johns as a dancer and steal their money. You talk about a meat to Elision. That's like that's not controversial at all. You absolute just blurred that it's a presidential candidate. It'll be Cardi, bait and who is the third one. Gosh, I don't even remember, frankly, come up with a safer answer that Aretha Franklin. No. I just think more angry about her songs than the abortion issue. Pro life is secondary. I just have a constant jihad against music, choices, these, these reporters these journalists really these candidates. Remember one of them from the New York Times. Jeff Zeleny did the same thing to a bomb a few years ago. Surprised.

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