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And I, I kind of melded that with sort of Arabic gibberish don't things that I had heard growing up to. Do you have your parents or grandparents who spoke? Yeah, they spoke Arabic and we never learned it nine regret that, but anyway, had certain sounds and things in my head, and I kinda brought these two things together and it worked. It worked for them so and was really kinda cool was because I was writing my own lines. I, I was, I patted my part sure, you know, because they, they couldn't really. Once I started talking, they couldn't stop me. You know, it's like, no, you're not saying the right word, right? So I would just like right book their town. Three lines more than off the moment. You begin speaking. Exactly. So additioning for Bill. Is he giving notes is saying, try this, try that? What was that? Just the audition. So he was very supportive and I think. It's the one time I can't remember. Maybe this happened. Once again in forty odd years where he said in the room, you know, after the second or third call back. I want you to do this part that never never happens in the room. You have to get it to thirty hot. Don't ever to them. Yeah, not in the room because we have to negotiate with them. Exactly. You can't say this is your, but he was an actor, right? So he just said, oh, stop fucking around. We wanted to do this and I was like, what? Yeah, I a few callback. You said I maybe a couple. Yeah. And each time you would see other potential actors. Sure. Long. I knew because we're doing plays together. I mean, it was a group of us. Sure. And. So he says the job is yours. You can't believe it was really, really amazing. And then on the I, I actually I had done a movie before that, but I was completely out of it. Thanks to count. Thank goodness. You're cut from the first one, really. I don't know. I'm still hurts really still smarts. Well, it was only Mike Nichols directing and movie with Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson. But you know. Look, look, what's happened to them. They know. That was hard. Yeah. How let's bid for I ask, what is that conversation like? You're not in the film. Let's let's stay on quick change a little. Okay. Because I am. I am like like many people from the comedy world inspired by and little to obsessed with all things. Bill Murray. You know, because anytime there's a a talent who is singular right in there. On camera persona. You know, be it Cary. Grant. Clark Gable. You know, there's certain entities who are not a diverse actor. Who are somewhat singular in their voice. Now in Bill Murray, start doing drama brilliantly of always felt he was able to portray different worlds different characters. But when he was Bill marina comedy, it was that thing it was. It was very specific rhythm that has been mimicked by other performers over the years, a certain cadence. A certain rhythm who? Absolutely. Yeah. So when you're working with him. Either as director or as a co star on, I guess your characters. Just any piece of that experience that you would care to share would be great working on that movie? Yeah, just with him specifically. Because there's once you get the job, you know you walked us through that with him saying, I want you to do this. You get to set. You've brought your own dialogue, you've you've padded. It. And is, is he so so as a direct where he was also co directing so and he's almost in every shot of that movie. I mean, I have to say he's, yeah, all over that film and it's a, it's such a great script. I mean, it really, I don't know, to be honest, I don't really know how the movie did when it first came out. It might have..

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