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Like in the southern California Toyota dealer sky five over the four five good morning Hey there well nothing super extreme on the four or five either you're going to be used to this like it's a problem such a good thing but says south for a five worse but for for about a way but it is flow as far back as Roscoe expect that's going through the one one freeway heading into this fall the path for the top of the hill Skirball center drive there so that's a problem for the sixty Jack and what does that crashes the westbound side of the sixty a fair way to live life taken away so it's jammed away from the fifty seven almost merging with the delays frankly coming out of Chino so get pretty awful on this west outside of the sixty what you need to valley Boulevard or one of those are pretty nice alternates it does slow down again from seven three getting over to just about rose made looks like lanes are open on the eastbound side of the sixty rose made out at the Caltrans workers wrapped up there see how you're firing on the tense ever get a free with bright but not so good three problems one at central in Montclair Leslie taking away the crash of the gym out well before you cleared up ahead it holds we got a crush walking laci's please not even there yet heavy from the fifty seven earlier problems of Fremont St still let you slow from rosewood Boulevard so the thought of what a lot of self on gold St still look good heading into downtown with just to drop a slowing of the one seventy four about magnolia heading into the quick to pass under support six twenty five I'm Jennifer York with your driving force more often can't extend seventy newsradio clear skies sunshine highs above average for your Thursday you're seventy along the coast this afternoon mid seventies for downtown in the basin valleys upper seventies for you today and one empire you'll be in the mid seventies this afternoon mid sixties in the high desert smells you'll be in the mid fifties high pressure strengthening will turn the winds off shore that's the reason for the warming.

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