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The problem for vegans over deteriorate. There's never been any food options. And obviously when people stop buying vis a lot of them stopping either over overall overall serta footprint reduced me. Some convenience would be. Vegetarians is the now gonna be some vegan options farmer has to be basically there has to be. There's going to be so one of the slight difficulties with silverstein was that they didn't like other caterers coming on. They had their own contracts who caterers. And we don't have that problem pharma. So yes i think we're gonna be catering for all needs because i'm a vegetarian. I i think it's very important. That's covered but i'm certainly something. I've discussed with dan in great depth on just see if he's making no food now food he's obviously joking foster live at very specific just to me because i always spill something michelle. So that's always a problem. I needed when you go to charge. If you're watching. This remind the first time i was planning my trip. I was like oh well charge my car somewhere near and of course silvestre's pretty bad for that anyway but but just a reminder. Don't think that you're gonna turn up and they'll be bags and bags of charges all phrase. Try and make your plans that way. Which is i think you know battery are getting longer on. Yeah you know it's and there's an awful lot more charging infrastructure around farmer than there is around so we're definitely working on supplying some charging on the site you know that's a big part of the thing. Yeah somebody turned up in the toys ale. That twenty six kilowatt hour zoe. They go ahead. Plug yourself in your so. What was it like when dan came to you and he featured him on this before i started saying you know. Hey let's do one in america. Let's see one and a half. Let's go down under was crazy oil. He did to start with an..

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