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There's a smoking gun type of thing right like with the with the ray rice comparing these two things at all. But i'm just saying the ray rice video right. Video comes up. You don't need to wait for the yeah. You don't need to wait for the legal process to take action in this case. All they know is he got arrested. They don't know anything about it. And so a lot of times in these situations and we were talking about like what the chiefs column. That was getting floated around on twitter. And there's no reason for the chiefs. They yes they could go after his contract if they wanted to. But i think frank clark is more who are they gonna sign with even if they got a bunch of money back right like he's more valuable to them right now from a football standpoint if he can play this season and oftentimes these legal things take a while to work their way through the court system and so the nfl sometimes takes the stance like we're going to let the legal process play out. We don't know anything we'll investigate so on and so forth the man can continue to work until a jury or judge has has ruled on the situation and this particular case with frank. Clark see them. He's in a contract year right. So y- that's correct. Isn't it well. he's got he's got two more but essentially it's a contract year because because they match up so yeah if he doesn't play while this year yet your contract here right. Yeah and so the chiefs you're looking at the chiefs. Sunday can be like. Hey let's you know. Let's let try them out there who play 'em doesn't get suspended this season which he may not. It may not be decided this year. Where already in. June right illegal we all know. Legal process moves very swiftly in this country. So who knows what's gonna happen. Charges could be dropped. There's a lot going on you know. He says it's not his isn't that that's funny. That's always the it's not mine. You get caught with the weed in the car. I don't know who's that is. That's online right. you know. Look maybe the guy looks guns. There's nothing wrong with that arena. Circum- z now. Is that his new nickname. I i mean. I don't know that he would want that nickname squibb. What it again. There's a lot of different. There's a lot of different outcomes possible you know. I am and for the record. Look i i don't think unless there's something we just don't know about. I don't think he got suspended. It would be long suspension. I think it would be something minimal but which is why. I don't think you know from talking to people around the situation. I don't think they're overly concerned. But yeah listen you know. You gotta exercised better judgment. I don't care if you're going somebody else your car. Your car carmen. My god it's not. It's not a little six shooter. It's an accidental forgot. This uzi was macaw. Yeah come on now. Like i mean you have to even have turns out. That's one hundred percent the case and it wasn't gone okay. Fine it's still your car. Your responsibility right like at some point. You need to be willing to stand up and say look. It's my responsibility on driving the vehicle. I often the car on you. You've got us lamborghini. Suv hurting. I didn't even know existed. Sterler talking to look. This is just the reality of life..

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