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Example policies that select quote dot com slash commercials. 5 38? Traffic and weather on the 8s and see how we're doing in the early going here with Jack Taylor in the traffic center. We had a couple issues early in Virginia riding three 95 headed northbound the first issue we found was just after duke street cleared very quickly from the left lane. There have been word potentially of an issue up near shirlington, unclear if that's in the roadway. George Washington Parkway not moving. Northbound travel, unfortunately, paused near the key bridge. Once again this morning, hoping that there's maybe some access where you're able to get off onto the key bridge, where you may be diverted, but unclear at this point, Dale boulevard west, the ram to go south on I 95, we've got a crash, single file is getting by on that ramp. You're in good shape on the beltway so far between Alexandria and mcclain, 66 off to a good start so far at a Gainesville east. Now you will find no troubles yet on the George Washington Parkway. Southbound at least is leaving the beltway. You'll find in the district quiet on the freeway, looking good D.C. two 95, I two 95. Nevada avenues closed between Livingston street military road, that is ongoing, utility work. All right, you'll find in Maryland, we're looking to go to the beltway through Montgomery and prince George's counties. No worries yet out of Frederick, running two 70 south toward the lane divide. At a gambrills route three south near four 50 defense highway, crash, left lane there is getting by, recovering a vehicle from behind the guardrail. Big issues this morning on the rails. Mark Camden, Penn and Brunswick line trains are experiencing departure delays this morning because of a system wide communication issue. So far, Mark Penn line trains four O one, four O three and four O 5 O 5, along with Camden line trains 8 40 and 8 41, all have been canceled due to these communication issues. Johns Hopkins cancer care in the greater Washington area, with renowned cancer experts in our community, including its sibley and suburban hospitals. Find out more at Hopkins cancer D.C. dot org. Jack Taylor TOP traffic. Foggy this morning, windy this afternoon. Here's storm team Forrest Chad Merrill. And the fog that is out there while quickly erode will have the winds picked up out of the northwest, it will feel more like the upper 30s to low 40s as opposed to the

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