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Then I felt like, okay. Now I feel comfortable saying. Come do this because I know we're going to get it to them. That's kind of been one of the markets that I'm super proud of about this is about humanity which is like you know what's happening. You know where we're going you know what we're raising money for you know where the goods are. Your they're gonNA give it to them. You're going to see it there. We're going to tell you. and. So that's been kind of One of the most important things to me is that people just know when they're supporting us they're literally supporting the exact families that you would wanna be supporting. You know what I mean. Yet Super Special. Can you talk to people a little bit about what you're collecting and why and what the conditions are for these families who are stuck at the border? Yeah, I mean. In the past. I don't know maybe like. Year ever since we started the MP program, we've returned about sixty thousand people to Mexico regardless or not whether they're from. Mexico and there are sort of. Kind of the you know the majority are in these border towns waiting for their asylum case or waiting for their number in shelters that have either existed for a long time or have just sprung up. I would probably say now there's probably over thirty three sort of like official and unofficial shelters doina alone we work with about six or seven of them and so we work to help. Make their lives better in situations a lot of these shelters are overcrowded They are over capacity. The conditions are not great. You would probably be. Shocked but. Know that these people are grateful there even there and he have even gotten that far. so we usually do You know will fundraise to..

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