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By the mistakes of the past and today we declare that you're made by god and for a great and noble purpose I believe that's true every human being on this earth by god it has the president and Israelis were one glorious nation under god we are one American family working to make America safe again strong again prosperous again great again right we have to affirm that you know we believe in redemption second chances you know and that's what the president has begun and that's now happening and you know now we see the at the president's direction the country continues to soar Gallup say in the president's job approval rating is at a record high now the latest survey finds and a further increase in national satisfaction with the president sixty one percent of Americans say they're better off than they were three years ago a higher percentage than in prior election years when an incumbent was running citizens that have the highest competence in the direction of the U. S. since the president's inauguration forty six percent of the public believes the U. S. headed in the right direction up four points from last week and rarely in the years that Gallup has tracked public ratings on the economy since the early nineties of Americans have higher confidence in the economy as they do now CBS news seventy five percent of U. S. adults say the economy is in good shape well that's the highest number in almost twenty years Gallup nearly six in ten Americans sixty percent now say they are better off financially than they were a year ago what's up fifty percent Washington post seventy five percent percent of the electric predict they'll be better off a year from now okay that is the mood of the nation survey and the highest number they've ever recorded as well I mean this is all over I mean what's bad about that anything I don't think so also you look at these numbers and these are real Americans real families real our fellow citizens and they're doing better than ever record low unemployment every demographic group benefiting home building is up thirteen percent home sales surging nine percent that's it the Reuters story that came out today that's again good news for we the American people look I'm not I don't give out economic advice I don't I'm I buy my he added I am of a guy that I love gene Henssler her in associates down in Georgia my buddy bill like they they they hate me because I don't like to put my money where much of it or put a lot at risk in the stock market see if you want it done those other outlook I don't is that stock market to me is never been the biggest best indicator now it's doing great our four oh one K.'s are great but the one piece of advice I would give you if you want to buy a new home or you want to finance a home or refinance a home now's the time to do it I have a somebody works for me on the TV show you know I'm talking about Linda I just got a new home as of all what was your interest rate is like three something for thirty year fixed that's like free money but I'm I'm just telling you that the we may not ever see these numbers again in our lifetime it's so low and so if you're thinking about buying my own house and you're on the fence don't be on the fence you know if you can get that won't get it and or maybe refinance your home but if this is the best opportunity going to have to do it anyway so those that's good news and the bad news is if we take out a radical shift down this this socialist lame that every one of those lunatics on stage this week would take us that would not be good for the American economy or for we the American people Hey Bernie Sanders looks like he's got a double digit lead while not looks like it has a double digit lead heading into Saturday's call goes in the modern Amerson poll released I mean now they've got him you know smashing is up thirty percent of the vote judge currently leads Sanders by one delegate came in a distant second at seventeen percent Joe Biden came in one point behind mayor Pete UT with sixteen percent Peter has seventy percent warrant a global chore and Tom starrer you know following the pack I mean this this this is now Bernice to lose by every measure and you what you see is well they want to steal it from Bowsher Bolshevik Bernie it was a Yahoo news story the international secretary for Sweden I remember I told you the story recently Finland's government often cited by a Bolshevik Bernie as the great model collapsed of its own weight because they couldn't keep up the welfare state they the socialist utopia that everyone talked and they collapsed now you have the socialist leader in Sweden blasting Bolshevik Bernie say he would be considered too far left in his country to be a member of their socialist Emma Craddick party that that kind of says a lot we were at a Sanders a man was like a bee and a left wing he made me laugh then you've got farmer Mike many Mike Bloomberg warning the Bolshevik Bernie come lock up the nomination on super Tuesday wealth you had your chance Mike maybe if you didn't you know make these racial comments of yours maybe if you let's see born is so insulting the what women and maybe if you had a little more respect for the farmers that beat us in the entire world maybe you'd be in a better position I think it only it doesn't matter how much money you're going to spend here but I'm looking at the Bloomberg news today and none of it is good for him by any measure whatsoever many got a story out today Bloomberg said of a female employee I'd like to do that piece of meat whether that's the Washington post that's what he's quoted as saying according to the nineteen ninety six former employees that woman working for Bloomberg she was drugged raped by a supervisor there and that was his comment I'd like to do that piece of meat wow Bloomberg sexual harassment victims say they've been intimidated into silence not sure what that is all about but then you got Bloomberg staffers which is even worse than the daily beast put it out there we base is not conservative not that he paid doesn't pay women equally they've done their investigative report that's a problem then you got team Bloomberg selectively editing of the bait clip to make it appear as if he owned his fellow candidates and got owned the entire night at like one good line and I see this one story racked up three major endorsements after is disasters debate performance would have been you know interplay probably donated to the people I don't even know who they are anyone's not micromanage I mean you you look at his record I mean this guy you gotta say he wants more obamacare more of it he wants you know basically the removal of all guns I mean New York laws of the Mostra quicker colonia banning assault weapons you know registering guns you know he has isn't approach to climate change is scary vehicles pollution free by twenty thirty five alright no more gas or oil the lifeblood of the world economy wants to codify roe V. Wade into federal law and is is it war on cigarettes America's open doors C. once wide open borders and you destroy the economy with you know his his labor policies unbelievable and tax hikes brags about those two Hey I want to remind you all right it's so I know it's we get near the end of February here but they're going to be cutting your lawn sooner than later Linda got her hustler turf lawn mower it is the best the family owned business are creating jobs in the heartland now since the early sixties and generation after generation they they created the first zero turn lawnmower engineered to outperform these the hustler turf lawn mowers attested put through the wringer tested some more they're the most adorable in the harshest conditions and you might dread mowing.

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