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Sports. The Mets were shut out by Atlanta for two Nothing Yankees over Boston 9 to 7. Your forecasts from the Ramsey Subaru Weather Center. Mostly sunny day today are high 87 overnight. Increasing clouds. Rain should begin around 2 a.m. The low 75 tomorrow 2 to 4 inches of rain, possibly six winds of 30 and 40 miles per hour. Wind gusts, possibly to 60 miles per hour. The high 78 Flash flooding in a storm surge possible of 2 to 4 feet Tuesday night. Tropical Storm conditions continue showers and thunderstorms. Salo 72 Wednesday mostly sunny skies. The highs 82 what's still a 40% chance of a shower or thunderstorm. That is your forecast from the Ramsey Subaru Weather Center, 78 partly sunny skies from the 77 W ABC News desk. I'm Deborah Valentine. Next. Updates at 9 30 streaming 24 7 on the All new 77 W A b c mobile app, Bernie and sit in the morning on All right. Here we are Our number four coming up. Russell's with you Along with Frankie five boroughs. Frank Murano, Hiss it again for burning and sit on talk Radio 77 W A. B. C. 808 for 89 to 2 to is the number That's 808 for eight W A. B. C. You know when you think about it that poor Ah, manager, 64 year old guy gets attacked with a hammer like You know,.

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