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Uk a and so on so before the news you just got to hugh jackman about the greatest showman by the way in case you're wondering humbug orie is it would it is an actual thing dishonest talk writing or behavior that is intended to deceive people or are they came up in the conversation yesterday the but it is a bit he's a real world is i'd never had any one use humbug orie as a as a as a as a thing anyway so in case anyone was wondering andy stilt trailers her out for the greatest showman hugh jackman doing hugh jackman things more importantly that zach ephraim once again doing zac efron i feel like mark needs to answer this question burglary film opens on boxing day go ahead how many times can zac efron full from marks grace and then find his way back if this proves to be the most ephron ish performance yet in a pleasing canoe sanding school music lingwei kennedy overcome the zack terrier that has triggered so many cambodians size oca nothing bring him back i didn't think anything of it but then so the trailer and it sounding best from out to testify on these issues ahead of time so on the other thing we mentioned zecha front nobody zak is definitely a presence in the film amina as i said i did find i did for the film disappointing and a rat zack he didn't redeem it for me i mean the the thing with the thing with the way i feel about zac from is that it he is he's a very talented shelman and for and so we shoot jackman and so many other members of the cost you know hugh jackman was telling that story about you know performing the song in the inner being there in the room when you can think that's that's the sort of thing that's what you want because actually what you want is a bit of that proper theater or proper showmanship in the case of zaka from i think he's a great song and dance man i think he's a to sit before that he you know he he's he he comes from the old school gene kelly fred astaire urinal round the you can do everything and if you what any of the nothing funny about this on being cute about.

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