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Over children under five years of age especially those under two years of age pregnant women and anyone who have underlying medical condition the best way to avoid the flu you know it a flu vaccine Emily Valdez care next ten seventy newsradio Palo alto is considering fines for teenagers to V. P. N. public this comes after the city became the latest in California to ban the sale of vaping products in brick and mortar stores city councilman mark Tanaka tells getting the right now there is no real consequence for students who are caught vaping fine it has interesting effect which is that you know to find large enough like the face on a twenty dollar fine which lost his party had losses because in spite how twenty dollars to pay something like that but it is a fine large enough that a student would have to probably get the personal pay for it what's happened is that it brings parental awareness as well tonight is is you're still selling the possibility of implementing find including how they would be enforced and how much they would be a staff report is expected early next year for breaking news push alerts plus podcast like Bottega money and can accept death download the radio dot com Appan favorite KNX we are everywhere you are eight fifty and wants to check your money cosmetics companies are trying to expand business beyond make up Kylie Jenner skin care Gwyneth Paltrow's goop and Bobby brown's evolution eighteen are all pivoting to wellness I'm not someone that believes in anti aging and I think that word should be dropped but certainly having a glow to your skin you can get that with make up you can also get that by how healthy you are all the Browns offerings are also going from the department store counter to somewhere more mainstream the shelves of wal Mart and Kohl's instead of selling seventy dollar foundation she is now selling tablets gummies and pixie stick powders with promises to improve hair skin and even tummy bloat the products will be less than twenty dollars my ultimate goal for evolution eighteen just like any brand right now it's a baby is to grow it and you know just be the most authentic great brand out there evolution eighteen will be in the beauty department instead of the vitamin aisle we check your money at twenty and fifty after each hour I'm Bloomberg St must do for KNX ten seventy newsradio is listening to KNX make people feel active connected with KNX I feel like.

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