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News now i'm dan martin people in southeastern michigan are being asked their perspectives on work related issues in the region the southeast michigan council of governments and metropolitan affairs coalition have put together a survey about changes in the employment picture future in demand skills and how they relate to evolutions and the economy and technology residents responses are expected to identify changing needs in the workforce and help guide planning efforts of a future skills task force metropolitan affairs coalition president and sam cog executive director kathleen the monaco says technology is transforming the economy and as a result many american jobs are becoming obsolete a deadly storm system is moving east after dumping two feet of snow in parts of the upper mid west and battering areas farther south with powerful winds and even tornadoes another two hundred thirty flights were canceled yesterday at minneapolis saint paul international airport where more than thirteen inches of snow fell the snow also coated michigan roads with ice and knocked out power at least four deaths have been blamed on the weather and louisiana wisconsin nebraska and north carolina michigan will receive nearly one million dollars from the federal government to build to rock reef formations in saginaw bay the bay city times reports that the us environmental protection agency announced the funding last week plan radar weather afternoon showers today high of about forty for tonight snow showers early on with the low near twenty seven tomorrow tuesday day the seventeenth cloudy skies high of about thirty eight that's way am news now i'm dan martin on wam talk sixteen hundred.

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