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Today show is brought to you by to dot com. Visit traffic cub. See a double bay dot com to go. Visit and join up to a free by weekly video news at him in the news, other you get to emails per week with content about the markets scans often heads up calls, and you can meet my apprentices joined the website now and fun at more about how you can get a structured trading approach and attack the markets with an idea of what you're doing. Join try to call dot com. Now. The Tradenkov crypto show talking business influx. Jane? Get everybody and welcome. Show. Well, it's pretty pretty interesting. Couple of days we've seen a couple of very very large moves across more or less bitcoin some of the market not really plying the game quite as well as what bitcoin hasn't. That's quite calling. As a matter of fact, we've been talking about that quite a bit on the podcast. The fact that many people. Bicycling not in the position where whether kinda shocked we just take off. If you recall last week, I was talking about how those such lacking sort such little amount of Sylla's around that six thousand dollar, Mark. And we've seen that fully through with a huge amount of buys now. Little people out there. Crypto Twitter and social media, and what not have been saying they think that bitcoin going to full, but they weren't willing to put them money with them. And I for one am glad about that. A lot of people have been very very shoot up. More importantly, probably as as a looks like a lot of people who are actually willing to back themselves a little bit of talking negative, but not trading toback the thought process now, but kind became very obvious to me on the charts around six thousand we we went through six thousand events have continued to grow to the point where we have now blasted road off into the sunset. Consider the fact that less than a week ago. I was tapping on six thousand in talking about six thousand. Yeah. Today, having tested eight thousand and looking very strong. Indeed, it has been an absolute roller coaster. But this is this is bitcoin. And this is how this market roles. One of the interesting things that I would have to say right now is this you're going to see a lot of people coming out of the woodwork talking about all sorts of things who cares. Okay. People are going to tell you. Why this move happened? Who cares? People are going to tell you why they arrive at the bottom. Who cares? I don't give two hoots. If you call the bottom. Good for you. Aren't you bought heaps on K why the market's doing this care if you're out about them? I couldn't care less because I tried the markets on someone who's an analyst who sits back and goes, I wonder why. Oh, that's why whilst I'm as a traitor making money. I want to be the one who's the trading this actively and saying what is going on out there and being able to get some leverage on this puppy and get going now, I'll tell you a funny story. It's not funny. Really? But it is. I guess it's funny. Let me to be honest. I guess it is funny. Looking looking at the bit for next Charlotte Gobi on I've trading the XP tape, and I just noticed something really interesting. What see Becky? See this. I was watching that. It broke out if they don't stop the woulda Bain and off it went didn't get tight that. Because obviously with nitric cool cooled down. Fortunately that does occur yesterday. I was watching back through here. Now, if you see Hillary this this is my flat level, but look at this hoops sorry. Look at this gripe flat level, I am just a big dumb idiot. So so main to myself, but look at that you say to focused on trading the bid for so the bit mex- chart because it's better leverage for me. Really good volume and a two racing really the the price will the prosper twain, bitcoin on Phoenix and on coins and bid mix had been. So so different that I was actually more interested in trading on the bit next shot because it had a more consistent process with that of coined bison Ecorse now if I look at this shop that I was looking at in front of your seven thousand one hundred and forty one Phoenix had a wonderful break cat, try. That means that a lot of the subscribers the Lord of the members will have taken that which is fantastic. But I didn't because I was looking. The wrong chop. That's what happens gauzy. You can't catch all the tries. And you've got to be patient. If you feel the foam kicking in remind yourself, it's okay. If this is the intolerable run, you feel like you've missed it. Then all well. It's all over, and it doesn't really matter, but they can go just white for your pullback. The mock will pull back it always does you look at this on the dial talk through on the daily right now. We're very overextended. We have seen multiple wait runs. I mean, today's only what shoes day roared out ten percent. We've had less than twenty four. So listen, forty hours of training this week. We have over extended market we have broken through all the resistance zones at all I had joining on the chart the Lawson was at sixty eight hundred then we hit seven thousand went straight through it. There's not a great deal of resistance in the way, we need to see a pullback for this tend to be sustained how long will it take for the pullback to occur? God, I NY. But I will bay there when it happens. Now, let me go take you through the rest of the charter theorem sitting at one ninety four so bitcoin county seven seven four four up. Ten point will quote eleven percent. A theory. Theory and still struggling around the two hundred dollar Mark keeps tapping on it but struggling to break through for breakthrough pullbacks information it's at one ninety five up three point four percent far Dulles fifty again, another market. It's not really I guess been inspired by this Bourne enough to kick on. But as often happens alz move off the bitcoin. So we'll have to wait and see how that goes still up three point two percent. Still lumens is very weak just tapping on ten cents at one point two percent right now ex up thirty two point three and it's up three point nine one percent again, very very slow ripple husband wakes up against bitcoin still sitting in that range. Like when yesterday had a lovely little pullback on the four hour time from into that cradles on off all that ran number of eighty five dollars, which has been little bit support and resistance. Currently. It's only have two point four nine percent sitting at eighty to eighty seven dollars and twenty seven cents. Bitcoin cash is in my watch this as it has broken above to new highs in this most recent trend, it's currently up seven percent sitting at three hundred eighty three on the nose. Bon ans- against US. Dole, tether is up eleven point nine one percent sitting at twenty three thousand thirty nine cents. Trunk is up. Two point one nine percent sitting at two point four Senator rand of the top ten we're gonna countdown which three point one three percent had seven point two cents guys. It's being a full on couple of days. Don't find out. Don't let emotions take over. If you wish to trae do it. Well, get across to try to cope dot com. All right now, if you are somebody who has now got friends family parents grandparents uncles nieces nephews that are saying, hey, hell bet that bitcoin thing buddy. And you wanna teach him something. You learn something send him over to try to dot com in the little menu drop down, Bah. You actually see the there's a free coal section. The first call stay the free cost is all about what bitcoin crypto currency is. It will teach them from the absolute beginning section. So if you like the show play shared shit what we do. He goes, we need a bigger audience. We want to get this logical. Good information interviews. Education across the whole cryptos face of the papal more ready for this next run that I believe that we will see whether it's now or into the future it, but they need to be informed. Plays out. Appreciate if you liked the show shea, the website Xinmei socials share the podcast in the groups, and the people that you work with have a great, Dino, speak Tamar boffin. The trade Cup. Crypto podcast is hosted by Craig called ole try to cope courses products and tools can be found at trade ACOG dot com because experience met is.

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