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He goes into these towns at talks to people who are openly hostile to him, and often times wins the moreover, and it's really, really hard to for democrat to win a statewide office in Texas. It has not happened in a long time, and it has it has a chance to happen now, but I would be I still would be surprised if he won. I'm glad he pulled that out because been some. This has been a fascinating election sums of electron campaigning because as a thing last week, I think the Cruz campaign campaigns cow posted on social media. A picture of this Beppo cowards in a punk bands. He was two pieces of and. I was gonna say. Punk band. A little bit of facial hair. I'm like, Ted Cruz is just the most boring person alive in comparison. This period where he was killing people in San Francisco when he was zodiac killer. Just really, really think that me MRs Sarah. That bringing this back to Wilby care about in terms of like net neutrality, which one of my pet issues. Ted Cruz. The Senator in question had one of the best quotes from two thousand fourteen about trial denied. Ooh, it's being dear to my heart. This is a tweet. I'm going to read it net. Neutrality is ObamaCare for the internet. Again, one of those tickets, everything wrong at once. Then incredibly popular. You look at the public mobilization for it every time it's threatened. And if you position that neutrality that way, people would be like, oh, really the difference? It's much easier to explain healthcare as you know, then. And also the telcos that'd be pointed out earlier in the program, have enormous lobbying budget and can force way. But I just, you know, Ted Cruz for what are we thinking about him politically outside of tech inside a tech is wrong on child. Then also wrong. Now on social media regulations. Advertently. We made an argument a couple of weeks ago for net neutrality when the Santa Clara fire department point out the Verizon, throbbing, Chris communication. In California history, that data rates down to zero contract and it was a contractual mess. But the way it can easily be packaged and reported to public is along the lines of look telcos. Ken, decide the interest of public safety more than your fire departments or your police departments can do you really want taxpayers to pay that much more money during emergencies, because telcos view and opportunity for profit like that is that that's that's what comes out of there. But that wasn't actually a net neutrality issue per se, they, they folded, the contract will rules. And so Verizon, I think, has Leonard with big face to work there as I have no particular love for the company because they bought AOL whatever. But but I saw a lot of stuff that that was an issue when it wasn't. It was universal throttling throttled just one service that would be an interesting violation. Do I think Verizon's unlimited plans are weird? Yes. Is a dumped three different unlimited plans. Sure, yes, cetera, et cetera. With unlimited. Kobe. Is it would not be that hard to make to to say. This is what happened in the Senate clarifiers. The fire department could not get access to data when they needed it to coordinate critical lifesaving firefighting. You don't want telcos gouging you at a time like this and under the law as it stands now they can do. Did is they basically handed weapons to anyone who wants to regulate telcos and make and make cases for here are here are how they should behave in times of national emergency. Here's how they should behave in and declared emergency. Here's how they should behave at this point has been pretty good about looking down companies, whether they let. Nine. Eleven Civis trope on one. Sorry. Really does apply to somebody else in the American. That's not meant to be a joke. I'm just no, No, no, no, no, no. no, no. Certainly. I mean, it's getting used to the American system of putting months before days which seems completely. One of the things that surprised me about that that whole story was that there is that the fire department had to buy a commercial data service.

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