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Charles Thomas, the third Rita is in Lilburn, Georgia. Reda walked to the market and show. Thank you. I'm not calling with superstition or anything. It's just I've been sick for a whole week, and I just Not to the point record. Go to the doctor and get medicine, and I've got three different jobs and medicine and take this. Take this. Here, take this. And when that guy called in and said he wants a medicine bottle that tells you when to take it, I almost drove off the road. So excited. Yes, yes. Can you use that? So, Debra, you said there is an APP for that. There's there's multiple absent all set reminders. I mean, you could even just set a reminder on your phone. But there's a medical app that you can set everything down on a piece of paper. I, but I looked in there. Then I said, Did I take it it sitting out in the counter? Is that for the next time or do I need to take it now? Because when you're when you're sort of favor, you don't you don't remember. And then I get the bottle when you start counting, and I've done that every day for three days now, But you know what Maybe they should with with edible die. Like just stamp every pill like Thursday. 5 P.m.. You know why don't they put Monday Tuesday? I guess I'm lucky that I don't take the many medicines. I take Advil Liquid gels quite a bit, But that's about it because I was 12 and holding him But it's like I've been in bed for a week with with not a virus infection. And and I'm just now starting to feel like a person, But I'm just not used to taking medicine, so it's not you do not have the cove it? No, it was an infection. That's good. Um and I didn't but every I felt like I had the flu. But I'm so glad I didn't. The infection was bad off. Well, I'll tell you what, Chuck, get on the horn with Walgreens and CVS operation Warp speed, and we'll get rid of you know, we had to point out we'll get read us something that reminds her what pills to take. When that that day is coming. I understand that day is coming right where I'm gonna have to take six pills. Yeah. Today I understand that day. I mean, we know unless you die early. No one gets away from the six pill a day thing. Shelly is in Lilburn. Shelly. Welcome to Mark Air Show. Hi. It's my first time calling. Welcome aboard, Shelly. Hi. Um, two things. One is the hamburger sizes and stuff. They might be just a stick that they're smaller around. See, they're not. They're not as wide as they used to be. Well, I know back in the day. Let's go back to 1980. A big Mac would fill me up now I need two of them. So maybe they're maybe there's something I mean, it's probably mice bite stomach size. But there maybe there's something to that. When I was a kid, This is a long, long time ago, I could get a big Macs of fries and a coke and get changed. You know, you can get changed. Now. You just gotta pay with $100 Bill for a dollar. Yeah, You know, it's so 49 cents Have you got you guys have heard of Nathan's hot dogs? Right World famous Nathan's hot dog. So I was. I talked about this yesterday. Somebody feed Phil on Netflix with Phil Rosenthal, who's been on the show twice. Uh, not the humble brag. But he went to the New York episode. He went to Coney Island, and I never s so I've been in a things I used to go as a kid all the time. I love the French fries More than anything. The crinkle cut fries that you have little spear and dip him. The only reason they survived. So on the boardwalk in Coney Island, Brooklyn in the Eight teens twenties thirties, I guess they were hot dog stands that sold hot dogs for 10 cents. So all this Nathan guy did was, he says, Well, my hot dogs.

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