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And closed It's 6 o'clock From ABC News I'm Daria albinger a setback for President Biden's requirement that workers at larger companies get COVID-19 vaccines or agree to regular testing The 5th circuit Court of Appeals freezing the Labor Department's osha vaccination and testing rule until a full court can hear the arguments A number of primarily Republican led states suing the Biden administration to stop it from requiring companies with more than a hundred workers from either making everyone get a COVID vaccine or submit to regular testing The actual osha order would not take effect until January ABC's Andy field in Washington four states are bypassing CDC guidance and telling all adults to get COVID-19 boosters now One of them is Colorado One in every 48 coloradans has COVID right now The numbers are going up Governor Jared polis says it's primarily impacting the unvaccinated and those who are getting severely ill are almost entirely the unvaccinated This is really a critical moment in the pandemic It has never been more dangerous for the unvaccinated than it is right now At like stone ABC News A federal grand jury has indicted Steve Bannon on two counts of criminal contempt of Congress The longtime ally of former president Trump ignored a subpoena from the House committee that's investigating the January attack on the capitol Ben and his expected to surrender on Monday An LA judge today terminated Britney Spears conservatorship immediately and in its entirety helped shine.

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