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It was wage other than raw arm Talent. This guy has a top-10 really, you know trade at everywhere you look whether it's processor decision-making in and out of rhythm ability to sense pressure and extend place is accuracy. He has a whole package and it's not like his bad arm. I think his arm is comprable to like Tom Brady. So I mean what I said coming out of LSU and and I was actually slow to the Dead. Libero because of what he had shown before that, but once once I watched his every through throw him and I was like this guy doesn't make mistakes. He is Flawless unlike any rookie prospect that I've ever thought for sure. And then we see three games. He's surrounded by the worst offensive line. His Playmakers. Actually aren't that good? AJ Green hasn't been that good. Tyler Boyd is is been all right, but John Ross is dropping balls off a couple of weeks and he's showing all of the same stuff. He showed a college which is to me already Elite pocket presence Elite processing like ability to read defenses. He doesn't make mistakes his two interceptions are not really on him. And I just I'm ready and when you compare it to like Josh Allen the problem with him is he had problems come out of college. The last five years is our problems. So it's it's kind of an inverse sample size argument because yes, Josh Allen has been great for three weeks. But we also have a large sample size of him in his last 20 games of having birth. So that that was kind of where the big argument came in on that and then it put him over like Matt Ryan Tom Brady Drew Brees that kind of stuff. You know, that's fine. Those guys have established records. I'm just really like what borough is doing in and out of structure right now. He is just incredible. I think what's interesting about Joe burrow and everyone talks about his weapons. AJ Green has not been the same this year off and you talked about you said it sounds you can pick them up or Matt Ryan Drew Brees Tom Brady. I would actually agree with that breeze. Especially I love debris is one of my favorite people growing up. He's not the same this year. It just obvious watching me and Joe burrow. I love what you said nearly Flawless except for arm strength because well, yeah has a great arm everything else. I mean accuracy Paul location is phenomenal and I do you remember watching him two years ago to LSU how different of a quarterback he was like he was not even NFL quarterback in my opinion two years ago, right? Yeah. He was he was, you know, totally buried I had him like, you know, just as a note off. QB 15 QB 16. Yeah, and yeah slower than like an AJ McCarron would be by the way to like literally that low, right? Yeah. Yeah almost no difference between those types of places. Yeah. It was it was just insane what whatever clicks for him man..

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