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Killer. Stay connected continues. With one six one FM talk. Teachers across North Carolina are headed to the state capitol to rally for more staff and higher pay among other things. Tomorrow's event is expected to trawl tens of thousands of teachers a similar rally last year attracted nearly twenty thousand organizers say this year's event will be even bigger at least thirty one school districts will close tomorrow credit card theft is on the rise at gasp bumps across the state. Kyle Wilson has the numbers crooks us card skimmers to capture your credit or debit information. As the card is swiped at the pump, the number of skimmers state. Inspectors are finding prompted a warning for all of us to pay closer attention last year. Thirty-seven skimmers were found statewide CBS seventeen reports this year, we're already on pace to nearly triple that what to do experts say check the card reader before you slide your car, nor simply pay inside. I'm Kyle Wilson. Wake County animal control is investigating a pit bull attack on three people. See? CBS seventeen says it happened Monday afternoon and marks creek the two year old dog bit to women including one who is holding her twenty month old son as well as an EMS worker who responded the pit bulls owner says a contractor had accidentally left the gate to their yard open. And the dog got out. It's an attendant quarantine. The city of Winston Salem is apologizing to owners of almost two dozen cars that were towed away Saturday night from a city owned parking lot near Bowman gray stadium. Got the car out all kinds of damage the front bumper cover was torn off Kevin Gilbert tells FOX eight that he's happy that the city plans to reimburse most of the drivers the three hundred dollar towing fee because their cars were legally parked in the overflow lot. But he also wants money for damages. It was a new city employees who called the towing company because several cars that were illegally parked at blocked them in. I'm rob.

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