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Yeah. All right. The hits keep on coming for the White Sox. It absolutely sucks. One injury after another. If you were watching last night's game, it was like an innocent. An innocent thing that happened. And then the next thing you know, he was down on the ground, and he was being helped off the field. My concern was it was an Achilles When I saw it. A lot of people talked about a calf and maybe they're all related in some way. I don't know like that's that's why I would say something like that. Because I'm not a doctor. I is there a doctor in the house. Could someone tell us if If it's all related If the calf can lead to the need tendon being torn, it's 4 to 6 Weeks for Grandal. Yeah. You know what? As I'm feeling my own knee. I'm thinking maybe it's something behind the knee, you know, and I don't know either. I just can't get past the severity the number of severe injuries that this team has suffered throw now now, like a lot of these NBA injuries that we've talked about Lot of people have raged again, saying that it was because of the shortened season because of the bubble and everything like that. And they've all said, Hey, they're all basketball injuries. You know what Yanez did that hyper extension. That's a bad on a basketball play Trae young stepping on the referees foot. That's not because of That's because he stepped on the referees, foot and all these other things. Sox fans right now. And I think Recon mentioned this even a month ago. Before all these latest injuries, Sox fans want The trainer and the strength and conditioning program to really be put under a microscope. Because these are all right, aren't they Aren't these all injuries where you say Well look, the calf and the You know the hamstrings and the oblique. Look, they aren't They all muscular sort of injuries that aren't impactful injury that aren't because of impact or something. Yeah, I mean, there's been a lot of I I said to you at one of the brakes. I'm I'm surprised at the number of hamstring injuries that they've dealt with. I mean, you only get like one or two of those, maybe an entire course of a year on a basement. I just don't see hamstrings being a huge issue for baseball players on a consistent angles. Been out twice because the hamstring eaten in and he's sort of worthless right now. Um, but but he does magic madrigals out because of the torn hamstring. Yes, it was a hip flexor for Robert Wright. Was it oblique for for a lawyer lawyer was up. Pack, right wasn't impact form peck for pointing in my pack. And I'm saying oblique, this is how in tune with your obliques are over here, right? The love handles. Yeah, That's what I call your love obliques. I don't have obliques. I just have love handles your oblique handles. So like they're all they're all it seems like injuries. Where you say, What are they doing? What's going on? Hermie didn't have all these issues, did he? But baseball players kind of do their own thing, Don't they? I don't know. I mean, do their own work out. Look, all of us strike. They do a stretch. I get it, but Like if it's not under the supervision of the White Sox trainers and doctors that I don't I don't know what their issue is. I don't know what the the tie between all of them is. It's definitely a question to ask and to research for sure. So now you need another catcher Zach Collins will do the bulk of the catching, and he's basically a backup to begin with. Well, you have to again. The premise that you expressed earlier was guys are going to come back, right? That's what I want to know from Sox fans. How are you? Are you really down in the dumps over another injury, or do you still say to yourself, Okay? Look at Bray use back in these healthy It could have been a lot worse with him. You're going to get a lawyer back. You're going to get Robert back there on good timelines right now. Grendel returns in 46 Weeks catcher, though with a torn You know, we're tearing it a an attendant in his knee, Crouching probably Zach. Crouching probably isn't good for that. I know. I know that and look given time, they'll probably more injuries the way this thing is trending. You know what I mean? Like you could more time. Maybe worse, but it still lines up where The only guy lost for the long haul is Madrigal. And I still believe that's a huge loss. You know how I feel about Madrigal. I feel like a guy who does it differently could put more stress on a picture. I want them to go out, and I want them to get Fraser or Escobar or somebody. Trevor story moving to second base, Right, Right. But now you got it. Now you got your short catching, and now you have to find a backup catcher and a guy, I think. Who was mentioned earlier. I think the pirates also have a backup catcher that Peter Gammons was suggesting earlier. That's good defensively and connects with the pictures. And with this if the socks are going to win this year, it's going to be based on their strength and their strength so far, even though they can mash you win in the postseason because you set a starter. The bump every single day. Who can dominate Is it Jacob Stallings From the From the Pirates? Yes, Like you're right. The you're going to bring in a guy..

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