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We needed a shot of this so last night the yankees and the red sox lineup and played again after the yankees just belting them around the park the night before the red sox go out and get a win but that is secondary my friends because last night last night was not about wins or losses last night was not about pucks or base balls or basketballs last night was about life and death i didn't hit him oh awesome slammed is bad on the ground now heads store them he's ready to swing he and kelly go down on the ground both benches at the we have a bra in boston and the brawlers going on austin it's hard into holt and so kelly hit him with a pitch and austin charged the mound this payback and there's payback you don't hit a batter there throwing ninety eight miles an hour you just don't do that that's his life never mind career that's his life are you kidding me he got hit in the arm in the back its life person last year at espn radio and the espn app john serlin susan waldman on the call for wfan that's life it's credit can we just give that part to we get that part that's that's his life now we've talked seriously about the idea in the past that using baseball as a weapon in the middle of the game could potentially be deadly that's that's going to be the moment where we all finally stand up and realize what a stupid practice this is when someone takes we've already seen guy like giancarlo stanton get his face completely obliterated by baseball.

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