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The different laws that affected the military a beyond simply appropriation and and so their relationship was kind of an odd couple but it was one that worked because they trusted each other marshall assembled a staff writer around him he or reorganize the army down to five two officers who had access to him they're all famous omar bradley who will go on to command the military forces as in europe in the latter stages of the war walter beatles smith who is the chief of staff to marshaled throughout and will become chief of staff to eisenhower when he commands overlord eisenhower eventually joins marshall staff and colonel orlando war they work in manila's munitions building and you the way you present this john his is conveyed vincent because it's not glamour these are hardworking men keeping their heads down and they know that congress doesn't trust them there's a pacifism that's in europe and also in america so when asked when congress congress has asked for the one point eight billion dollar military but appropriations budget in may of nineteen forty just marshall expected gathered these did he expect to be trimmed marshall always expect that his budget would be trimmed he grew up in an era where where the congress the congressional flavor of the the times was to cut military budgets they were not politically very popular during the depression era uh george marshall took to pay cuts during the depression justice stay in the military and he was sworn in to his offices chief of staff wearing a white civilians suit prior to pearl harbor uh military men did not go around in uniform in washington because that just drew attention to the size of the military right the the catastrophe happens in europe the attack by the germans and then the collapse of all resistance in france and dunkirk this is may of forty churchill is now prime minister calling for help every direction help and fdr wants to give it to him but there are neutrality laws what are those jobs neutrality laws were uh were were a product of the.

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