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On I tunes in the comedy top five on billboard comedy. He is kicking ass. He's taking the world by storm that he's L, buddy. The great Jim Breuer. Good morning. Jimmy. Hawaii Apollo K good. What are you guys doing? Well, I stopped texting you on the Philly's got to ten. How was that to watch ten? It was it was brutal. Tell you that. Well, you know, what actually actually it actually end in my night early. So I. Can even drop a deuce eilly drop, a deuce? I'm using clean in thirty seconds in and out came out. It was eight nothing occurred on the Allender. And you had a good night with the island or so they had a good Nate. Oh my God. Steven best Mets pitcher this year. Nothing. I'm going to bet on why? Well, maybe the and guy Smith the guy in the bag two run Homer. Double three run Homer. What? Happen. You money thrown you need a contract extension. The kid had a bad night says you had a bad night. You know, I gave us starts out calling. Jimmy, Vargas ERA is about fifteen Wheeler is about eight synagogue is about six to Graham is about four. So this pitching staff the best in baseball. They've all stunk all of them. This is what chiming nuts about baseball last year. You couldn't go and go anywhere. You can go to another country anywhere to buy a run the Mets were in in third world countries. Around here. By run now. The game pitchers. Can't. This is what drives you drives you. But Jim Bowie. Nut is still second second place in the N L east. I mean, maybe despairing just a little too early to say, maybe perhaps a listen when king games I learned from the past. I don't I don't get involved too. I I'm involved. But now, I know I don't get hopped up until may because the last few years. Last year. I was already buying Mets world Syria. Gig young. Yeah. Was yapping Yankee fan? That's true. So. Pinch for steroids. Right. Well, the good news is the Yankees stick to this seven to nine or ten at seven. They did win last night. So when you on stage on Friday night on my birthday and Saturday night on Adolf Hitler's birthday. The. Will you be some talk in the gym Breuer up? They're usually, however, probably be a little baseball talk. Because. I'm most Philly territory. Yes. You auto every every time I play Atlanta city. There's Philly shirts Yankee shirts nets shirts, while someone always shout something so I'll be well prepared for a little bit of baseball. But I don't like doing a lot of baseball because you know, it's like listen foreign language if you have no clue. Yeah. I'm a little shops go there little bit. It all depends. So when they they will shout like only line blondes down on Lincoln mode in Miami. And a two story Bernie, Jim the people sitting in the audience with throwing those little airplane vodka bottles, scotch bottles, a couple of clear plastic bags. I swear to God got thrown on the stage. So when you'll right there how the fans screen baseball. They throw anything at you. What do they do? Sure you. There's nothing thrown. Ardi is a different act that he likes. It's going to see the band slayer. No one's gonna be no one's gonna be sitting in their seats reading the pamphlet say, oh, Brad GARRETT'S gonna be here in may. And oh furniture Peters is coming. Yeah. Most likely did quite a pre-game before you showed up. So my crowd knows. I got my cross not gonna do that. When they. I also shut them down pretty quick if they shout things. It's never mean. Right. They'll they'll usually say something, and then I'll dress them to make them live duty and in a way in a roundabout manner. It's me basically, saying, hey, listen, I know your side to be here. But no, I got it tonight. I think I. Get everything you want. But you'll you'll get your listeners on your when you send you. Whatever you get you get it. Let me let me carry the show. Let me let me drive the ship senior eight fifteen in seven throw you gotta down to a science. No doubt. Jim. And by the way, live in Portland is number one on I tunes in comedy number one and top five on billboard comedy, Jim alive in Portland. Check that out Jim urine a list celebrity. No doubt. You're very very rich. You got a lot of money and you have you have three daughters. Easy easy. What are you worried about getting into a good college? Like all these recipe celebrities willing to bribe somebody no I come my kids, not to go to college. I'm not kidding. You like what? If I had if not rocket cash like the people that are that are getting caught doing it. Even need to go to you got money for the next twenty centuries. So why did you start liking buying island and start your own community? True. I wouldn't I tell my kids. Look, I didn't go to I went to college. I went there. I was present. 'cause my mom here's college to me. The biggest scam. One of the biggest scams. Agreed. It's not it's not the nineteen fifties. Where you go to school. You get it the Palme, and you work in the same place for forty years. Now, go to college and going debt for two hundred thousand dollars and then come out being intern for ten years America is so I rather give them fifty grand in a backpack. Say go figure. That's a good move. So that's of wisdom right there from Jim brough, Chuck Tim boon out this Friday and Saturday at the heart. Of course, again, the Bergen PAC June twenty ninth and his monthly show at the paramount coming up, April the twenty seventh. Always brilliant hilarious. Scrape a colon Jimmy will catch on the beach this weekend, bro. We love you. Thank you. They said take care. Thank you. Jim burrow, take a short break. More to come including the great actor Chazz Palminteri live in studio next hour. In.

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