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Rachel buffet Billy Elliot and a host of other actors who met at Knott's berry farms decided to venture out on their own to produce cheap back galley low budget film, starring Rachel buffet with the subject of the murders of Sam hair Angeliki Belushi. How they portrayed her role in all of this remains to be seen because the movie is top secret. And supposedly Billy Elliot only has a copy to this movie, the making of this movie and the subject matter that's portrayed shows. How to mended? This woman's mind is that she would choose this object matter for a movie that she started. After learning about this movie. Depiction this sick to mended movie that was shot about Sam and Julie's murders. I immediately stout to Lieutenant Ed effort at the Costa Mesa police department and asked him if we could meet. Regarding new information that I learned his response was that he couldn't meet with me because the case of Sam Herron chilly could be she is essentially closed. But that if I had any additional information or evidence tonight should reach out to the Costa Mesa detective now in charge, which is Sergeant Scott Stafford which I plan to do at the conclusion of this episode and with that. Folks, I hope that you have been able to appreciate all the work that myself and my team at sleuth has put into this journey that started three years ago and is ending today. And I feel so honored that each and every one of you..

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