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In this podcast okay so you're saying she took on a ramp down version of superman in a boxing match. Okay so that's on a full power version of superman superman also has a monster moral compass and he does not want him. Come close to hitting someone anywhere in a boxing match was an agreed apollo. Title match absolutely tried to hit a boxing match on. How many boxing matches have you done interest have i. I've done <hes> over one hundred wrestling matches but no boxing day so and and not to disrespect your experience because i know there's no way to do that. Is you know you got put on a pedestal one of the few things that's great about rakes by it's in a boxing match and i'm talking more like sparring but with like redeploying when you have someone who overmach empowers what have you you've got to bring down down everything incredibly and that's if you're a nice person and you have a good moral compass who has that more than rates superman he in a boxing match. You would never want to ask bentley. We take off someone's head or what have you. I'm just saying that's how it's written for it. He knew what he was getting into. He knew the rules that he it was really that big of a deal he would not have taken okay so let me get get to my point number three because we're not horley dissimilar but there's two things about harley quinn that again i i really liked the character probably coin too so as not to put her down okay so black widow again about eighty to eighty five years. Maybe ninety years worth of training in psychological manipulation <hes> what's called soft and tear agree interrogation where you can get some they have no idea they're being interrogated <hes> and she's also got these psychological implants like these commands that help or kind of see through you know to look for things to look for you know. She's been trained to look for weakness to look for anything. Unpredictability got at that means. Gotta do something to take advantage of unpredictability that means. I can't sean stand how to take care of it again. We're talking years worth of hardcore training and experience before she even came inexperience all these years of combat with like superheroes superheroes as far as opponent. She's taken on and taken out. Let's kind of go there so she took out batmans a great example but she took out katherine america and the way she did is she used manipulation to kind of get him to go in a certain direction. Throw a shield leave himself open. He blasts her. She blasts him while she's he's open he. He gets a show back says hi blocked it and he's like wait what and turns around and there. She is behind him shoot. Some full blast in the back of the head takes them out full win. I'm not saying i can't take up like what i'm just saying. Black widow did in fact with her blast with a the the widow's bite and her jilani and her tactics read captain american said got. I think i know what to do. Did it okay a summer one number two. She took out wonder man. Now this one i keep bringing up because wonder man is a superman levels often considered like you know not the most most heroic whatever because he's his background is that he wants to be a hollywood actor and he does stunts and all kinds of and by the way he was an adventure for quite some time but he is super powerful. He's like his his body was actually the template for vision in the comic books and he's got an energy basing but he is like he's thor base power. He's he's got flight. He's got all these other things. He's he's an energy..

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