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I was like a coil undone. I had no energy left to go to cloud. No drive. It was just as if my very soul sucked out of my body. And I ended up late dropping all of my classes, and that drafter semester until I left, and I went on this journey of self discovery. I started to. Businesses and they were both fairly successful. And recently, I told them off. And now I'm back in school using the money that I made from those businesses to really drive my purpose for word Inc. Finally, get that degree without that time of self discovery. I gotta tell you. I was lost. I didn't have my parents being over my shoulder beating me into like a state of that mission to get the classwork done to me everything. And without that. It was just there was nothing there it worked out for you Bill. Thank you so much for the call there from Tampa, Dr Morris, I'm curious one piece of this. Is there a divide among lower socio economic demographics? When it comes to dropping out of college. I is there. What about first generation students? How does that piece of this puzzle playout? I have read the statistics that show. First generation students are more. Likely to drop out from college and actually tomorrow night. I'll be speaking to a group of high school students who will be first generation college students about how to succeed in college. Because they're they're more vulnerable. Most schools do have mentor ship programs for first generation students either with other students or with faculty.

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