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Chronology, thank you for being here face Rachel, and yeah. And let's take a look at one particular region. We can find interesting governors races around the country, but I won't focus on the region that may Donald Trump president remember election night 2016 two years ago, Pennsylvania had gone for Obama went for Trump Ohio had gone. Obama went for Trump, Michigan, Wisconsin Iowa. All through the rust belt, a Great Lakes states, the mid west, whatever you wanted to call it all of these Obama Trump voters all of these Obama, Trump states the reason Donald Trump became president. So take a look two years later statewide races in just about all these state governors races. What are we seeing there? Take a look at the polling, Pennsylvania. Remember, Donald Trump? First Republican the win this thing since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight wins in twenty sixteen two years later democratic governor he is coasting to reelection. They're in Pennsylvania, Ohio, this one didn't just swing to Trump it. Swung hard to Trump. He won't Ohio by eight points in two thousand sixteen you could see it there. Now, you got Nick and Nick governor's race infect Richard cordray, the democrat there he may be slightly ahead in that race a close one a chance for Democrats to ghetto Michigan, obviously Trump needed. Michigan. Barely got Michigan twenty eighteen the governor's race almost a double digit lead in the average pole for the democrat there. How about Wisconsin again, one of those nine Eighty-four, which was the last time a Republican one Wisconsin before? He got it in two thousand sixteen now Scott Walker new poll out today did even with Tony the democrat running against him, there'd been other polls. In fact, that have even had Iverson ahead in this race Democrats heavy shot to take out Scott Walker in the state to help make Donald Trump president two years ago, Iowa this went to Trump, I almost ten points. Remember Obama won Iowa twice. Trump won it by almost ten points. Now, the Republican acting governor in that state actually behind in a recent poll in Iowa, and we could say Minnesota, not a Trump state almost a Trump state. He get within a point of Hillary Clinton here. But again two years later the governor's race team walls. The congressman running is the democrat he enjoys a healthy lead in the polls there, so you could see Rachel all of those states that flipped from Obama to Trump two years later. There is a change Democrats as I just showed you could pretty much run the table out there and governor's race. See that is fascinating. Thank you for that, especially striking to see it. When you're talking about incumbent Republicans who are still having trouble and some of those States, Great stuff, my friend. Thank you very much much.

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