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Somebody else, you know. Let's just say they do and that's their business. They have every right to their opinion on a quarterback if they love a quarterback in the draft, then they should release Eli and draft quarterback and play him from day one. Go get a veteran guy behind them. And just go about your business. When I mean, the veteran I mean a veteran who's just a. Mccown type a guy to tutor them. Teach him the ropes, but also be there as an insurance policy if you need them to play. That's what you need. Not anyway manning account. Okay. Get saved the money. You have a million things you need to me. Here's what I think the giants. And again, that's just this for weeks. Now, the giants have to look themselves in the mirror and sit down and make this. Really declaration about their team. A we can take ally this year and make a real run at the playoffs. Be. We can't we have too many holes to fill or see we have found our quarterback. And we're ready to move on. A B C. And if it's a and they think they can take a run with Eli this year than every dollar every dime. Every pick should be make the team better because they have vast holes. On the offensive line on the defensive line throughout the defense. And if they they need everything every single guy that they bring in to help them plug those holes that has to happen. If they can't do that. They're not gonna they're not gonna win. I mean, they have to they have a lot of holes. They really do. And if your opinion is that they have too many holes to fill in one year. I don't think that's an outrageous opinion. Now. They didn't hit on anybody last year. They did a terrible job in free agency. Terrible. Maybe Nate's going to be better. There's room is that Nate was hurt last year after he came to the giants now. I'll take them at their word. I think Hernandez is going to get better. You played all year at left guard. I think he's gonna get better there. They gotta get some linemen. And they gotta get some defensive players. The giants lost four games last year that they lead with two minutes. Those games you gotta win. And their defense was horrid. That's the bottom line. I after the year it was poor defense, and it was an incredibly offensive line second half of the year. It was an up and down offensive line. But an incredibly poor defense. You know, the giants got more consistent offensively in the second half of the but they still had their moments with the offensive line. The other the other way on defense. They just got worse and worse and worse. Now did did breakdown players and everything else. And the giants have seen. What happens you see that? All these teams have taken the enfranchised and taken all their big pass rushes right out of free agency. Those teams grabbed their free look at them. Go down the line. They've all been pulled a write off look at all the guys that have been franchise. They're all they're all big bass rushes every one of them. Because those guys are worth their weight and gold, and they very hard to find and very expensive to get. Listen to keep positions the haunt positions to fill in the NFL quarterback. Expect to get one free agency left tackle, very expensive hard position to fill almost impossible to get one. Pass rusher. Very hard to get one very hard to fill good corner. Same thing these guys they not available. You don't find them as very rarely? Are they available in free agency? You gotta hit on a guy. Teams lockup those players at those positions. Specially those positions. Peten eating town, New York. What's up? Hey, what's going on? My question about the giants. Yes. If the giants had no intentions of reciting Landon Collins, why don't you take? They tried trading him. And getting a couple of draft picks. They deter snacks. Well, number one. I don't know for sure that they had no intention of bringing them back. I have you'd have to them that rather than me. I did check in yesterday. When these reports started surfacing about what they were offered. They told me they were not offered anything higher than a four for Collins. Snacked a five member for four or five something like that. I think I think it was it was either four or five. I don't remember. Yeah. The bottom line is. They said they got off at a four firm. You could make a case they could take it. If they if they knew I think part of this is. They had a decision to make. Okay. Yeah. They got a decision to make. We collins. I think they also were worried about Collins, and whether or not he was going to be happy. If he didn't get the contract now, if they franchise them he had said, he wasn't going to be a happy guy. If they franchise and players always say that you want to call their bluff, maybe they felt you know, what we don't want to call his bluff. And maybe they just felt he wasn't the right player for them. Because let's be honest in the system he was asked to play in with a new defensive coordinator last year. He. Governor governor Ronnie anchor I'm glad they didn't France. He's a he's a good run stop. Or we know that he's good at the line of scrimmage, but he doesn't come up people, which we know. And last year he was put in a position where he's gotta call the people and he had a nightmare. Mike in New Jersey. What's up, Mike? Hey, how you doing? Avid statement about John. Oh, I think the committee shouldn't overlook VCU when today turned out to be a solid program. This year is wealth borderline top. Listen, you know, how the system works. And they've changed the system this year little how they evaluate the player the teams and the performances based on quads and everything so the. Everything gets taken into account wins get better or worse based on how a team goes along. But they have twenty wins. I think they gotta take account that they have had some of these losses with Herod hurt errands been really if he for the last eight games or so. Yeah. They have beat Villanova that win against Villanova on Sunday on Sunday afternoon at the garden where they were down twenty nine ten was an incredibly important win for them. That was a huge win without that. I would not be nearly as confident as I am right now that they're going to get in. I think that win was enormous. It really was I I agree with you without Dave you're on Saturday sleep. Well, I think all win their first conference game conference tournament game one or the other. If they win now is is not gonna be an easy game the way they've been playing we know that. But I agree beat save you all when you first conference game. And then you won't end the tournament, you won't be and hopefully it's not against the hopefully against providence in the first round because they just don't play well against providence. I know they lost twice at the Paul. But I read out the Paul and the providence providence just matches upgrade against Saint John's. They really do. John and Danbury what's up, John? One gonna the Yankee question to ask you is wanna yes or no question is the therapies make the tournament yesterday. I have to I'm not I haven't really paid attention. I gotta go. Look at them to say, I'm not ready to give you. Yes. Or no answer yet. The Yankees do a lot of these little injuries Severino. Are they really are? They making you nervous. And do you think they can't Yankee Derek kinda kicking themselves in the behind for not going after more starting pitching in the off season? No, I am the CDC thing is I think he's your fifths daughter anyway. And I think you'll be okay. The Severino was not you were not expecting. That can always happen. I think with hap and Tanaka and Paxton, I think you have a very very solid threesome before Severino. I think they have enough arms to cover things for a while. And I think they have clearly the where with all the make a trade when they need to. So I'm not that worried about it. Now premier pitching talent. That's always hard to come by. I mean getting pitching is one thing. Getting good pitching is another thing. It's not an easy thing to do ever. You know that? So from that standpoint, you know, you all worried about replacing a guy like Severino. Absolutely. The guy was an ace last year. So I think it is an issue. But again, just take one day at a time. It's all you can do. I don't think you panic. Like, I said teams never never have enough pitching. Okay. Who you are you never have enough fishing. So we all know that this is the way pitching is. You know? I mean, the bottom line is. I don't care. What team you are? You can always use another pitcher everybody can if they say they can't they're silly. That's all there is to it. You know, then he says they don't need more pitching is just not paying attention. You need Scott Manhattan. What's up, Scott? Yes. Just curious your thoughts on this. I can't take on this. Not familiar with any Conceico news. What's the can Saco news? Ken Saco is apparently actively like courting Kibo to get him. I heard that a couple you'll be all he said was he said I could if Tibo listen to me and let me instruct him. He could hit a fifty home runs. Well, you know, what listen can Saco says stuff like this all the time take every year can Saco comes up with something in the spring to draw publicity to himself and. Why what why wouldn't you? But why would you believe? Does is been trophy winner. The national Weiwei. Why would what credibility does those Conceico have that? He has this magic. It has this magic instructive ability where he is going to be the one who unlocks Tiba while the you know, what I just come let let them come. And prove it. I what does he want? Does. He want cash does he want to be? You said it's completely free that he. Let them come to let them come to. The big, bulky guy. Let them come to hokey got again. I want him to do it for free. Let them come through. I'm sure people talk to him. So let them come to camp and talk to people talk to him. So if he wants to come to camp and get impart some wisdom on I'm sure people were accepted as long as you have a price tag to it as I don't think there's anything wrong. With that. Let them come tell him. If he knows exactly what the secret is. I saw what he said. You know, I was down in Florida. They said it he said that he has a secret that he can unlock that would let people hit fifty home runs. So. Okay. Good. Well, the company alive for the town fair tire. How big? You know, what I would do if I was ESPN I put T-ball Monday night football. They won't get. He's a brand. He's good on TV. I've seen him do football games before. He's good is excellent front of the camera. He can host shows. Now, I understand he's playing baseball right now. But you know. Might not be a long term thing called him out a role on the Monday night games and let it develop after he can start joining as soon as the minor league seasons over if he's playing for a little later than the first couple of games. Let them call it in work around his schedule. And I would if I were them. I'd make him the number one guy in a heartbeat on he'd be the guy because they're looking for some new guy. This guy is incredibly popular. He's good. He's good on the air. He's a former football player. He's he's obviously a star. He's got an incredible following what you miss..

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