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You know? Oh my God. So, did you get the story you want? That's a great story. It doesn't incriminate me. That's great. All right, that's the story we were hoping that. Season 5 of Cobra Kai can be checked out for streaming this very Friday on Netflix, Martin cove. Thank you for coming on. Thank you. Thanks for your hot takes. Appreciate it. All righty. That's Martin cove, everybody. Follow him on at Martin cove on Twitter and Instagram, we're back to wrap up the show in a moment. Back here on the rich eisen show. Martin cove is just left the building. Martin coves hot takes, I think, went well. I think it went well. The cowboys are going to sweep the leg. I mean, apparently. People are asking if I wrote that. I didn't write that. Yeah, all right, rich wrote them up. It's great. Came out awesome. Also, Martin kove, Mount Rushmore, Hollywood butt chins. I think so? And I don't know how many of the before you go, give me one story answers could top that. That's a top ten. Tell me about disco. That's literally a mad lib, we would have written in disco and Acapulco. We're running we're running long. He's got to go. He's got to go. Well, we got to hear. We got to go. We got to hear something about Rambo. Home run, somebody upset that Stallone won't dance with any women, including his own. But he too good. Good, you want to dance with my wife. Too good to dance with my girl. And then they start throwing down. Do you think the guy did a Stallone impersonation to Stallone and that started the hands? No, I just think that, you know, why would you start a fight with Rambo? Yeah, exactly. We're rocky. Rocky. Exactly. Yeah. Like, what are you doing? I mean, unless Carl Weathers. And by the way, by the way. 76, he could kick all of our asses right now. Exactly. We got in the last couple of months on this program, dynamite Stallone stories from Martin kove and Henry Winkler. Fact. Oh, that's left is. The man himself. Yeah. Getting Stallone in it? He has been invited. Through my pediatrician, my old pediatrician, I might add. Doctor Benny boom bot? Not definitely. That's right. So won't does fight parties at his house. We could just go with glaciers. Let's go. Yeah. That is true. Sideline Mike in Atlanta is going to have the last word on today's show. What's up sideline Mike? What's going on? I have missed you guys. Right back at you. DJ. What's up, Mike? Did you watch the game Saturday? Yes, I watched the game started brockman was there. I was at the game, Mike. You had a blast. I had a great time. He doesn't remember it. George is covered in more. Games than anybody. Georgia. Hey, sideline Mike. Georgia didn't just cover. They smothered. They did it all. Okay? Now, okay, that was a chest and move and gold academic, sir. Rich? That was a big check you wrote, my brother. All I'm gonna say. That's a chesty move. Chesty rich. 8. And mister Ritter gonna take it and rest it away. Okay. There you go. All right, thank you very much. Michigan just moved into the top 5 in The Associated Press. Number four. Clemson wins and goes down. So it's Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State Michigan. Yep. Clemson, that's your top 5. There you go. At least Michigan and my state are scheduled to play each other. Unlike Alabama and Georgia, let's just. Not schedule each other. They will play each other. Oh my God. It's not like Jerry Jones. In the SEC chamber. I didn't know. I didn't know. Probably the national team. October 8th, Texas a and M and Alabama. That's the Apple cart that could be upset her. And make mister Desmond Howard look sage. A lot of UT fans are saying, hold on, wait till next week. Texas? Alabama is a three touchdown favorite next week. Oh my God. See quin news got his car towed during the game? Did he really? I didn't see that. He's a starting quarterback. He's gonna start Joe. I missed that. Yeah. How's that even possible? Arch mating looked good on Friday night TJ. I see some of those highlights making the rounds. Arch Manning drop it does. I would be on the boat sooner than later. Yes, invest in arch. I'm telling you guys, it's go. Billy gardell of bob hearts, bob Hart, abishola, is on tomorrow. Me, it climbs in studio tomorrow, as we just inched that much closer to the start of the season. I want to thank Martin cove, what a delight. Of Cobra Kai. I also want to thank von Miller. Stephen a Smith and Bob Costas. That'll wrap it up right here on this edition of the rich eisen show on our radio outfit, but for those checking us out on YouTube, stick around, we'll take you to the top of the hour to wrap up Tuesday in a moment.

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