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Don't care so much about these indiana jones reboots jones i'm sorry did you see the original like when i was a kid didn't really really fun to watch him with my son your son would love i love star wars the second time around interesting kelly ripa at her husband and producing partner mark swallows and capitola entertainment have teamed up to develop a one hour drama at free form the series will be based on jasmine rosenberg's two thousand eight book how the other half hamptons in the series best friends rachel jamie and allison head to the hamptons to stay at a fair house for sixteen weeks they'll inhabit the ten bedroom house with forty strangers juggle endless parties with regrettable pickups dodging unexpected twists of fate who my dire this is weird and it's always sunny in philadelphia is getting a mobile game it's going to be called it's always sunny the gang goes mobile fun and it looks like it's going to let fans of a long running series control the paddy's pub gang mac dennis charlie and frank poorly conceived moneymaking schemes as they tapped to unlock more illfated stratagems and fan favorite characters from the series immersing themselves in their favorite gag storylines conic moments from the series the game is set to be released later this year on tv tonight we have the second season premiere of hearts on hulu and also on hulu the second season finale of the handmaid's tale that's the.

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