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And outbound Eisenhower both clear twenty nine minutes either way three ninety to downtown no problems on the Stevenson or the Dan Ryan I fifty some is looking good and as as the bishop Ford the traffic and weather together on the H. every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty and one of five point nine FM gonna be cloudy all day long with a high of fifty one partly cloudy tonight forty at the lake front thirty AnnaLynne down partly sunny with a high Morrow with fifty two right now the temperature is forty three this is your call goes all the radios seven and one oh five point nine FM and WBBM newsradio dot com WBBM news time for thirty good morning I'm Bob Conway these are the top stories on newsradio WBBM as a big new wildfire in California it's burned seven thousand acres in the a mandatory evacuations as well as rolling blackouts the latest from C. B. S. mayor Lightfoot says her first a city budget shows both of efficiency and austerity and another day with Chicago teachers still on strike could no sign of a quick settlement yet in sports balls drop their home opener last night at Charlotte in the World Series Washington nationals are now up two games to none four thirty one and now this CBS news update a fast moving wildfire is barreling its way across northern California haptic Kate fire burning in the northern part of cinema county anywhere between five hundred thousand acres and we're doing mandatory evacuation sergeant one Valencia with the cinema sheriff's department this man was stunned when the flames moved it seems like something we're always prepared for it something that is becoming almost routine here in cinema county during the season and stuff but it's terrifying to know that.

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