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Or you can follow us here at KIRO radio ad Cairo traffic as well. All right. Let's talk about this because this is going to be a big impact for those of you that are going to be in the Soto area. If you work live play around us Soto basically around the stadiums pioneer square. This is going to be a big problem. Both directions of the ramp are sorry. Both ramps at Royal Brome on ramp. And then the Atlantic three offramp. We'll be close tonight starting at ten o'clock now these will never reopen. So what does this mean for you? If you're going to try to get onto ninety nine they're going to have to drive through pioneer square or basically into bell town to kind of get in and out of the Soto area. Now, again, that's not the only road work. That's happening. We've got lanes. That are going to be restricted on northbound I five out near the Duwamish river bridge that's revive. I five this weekend. So it's going to put an added pressure on a to drive around Southcenter four zero five one six seven. It's going to push you over to ninety nine or pack highway south again, we are going to see some significant delays throughout the weekend down on the surface streets through south center. Again, I'm hearing from a lot of you at ninety nine seven three about the semis. That are backed up on I ninety all the way to Issaquah out towards snoqaulmie pass Snoqualmie pass is scheduled possibly to reopen by eight o'clock tonight. We are going to be following this throughout the evening franchise is gonna keep an eye on that northbound four zero five just north of Benson. We gotta sell their taking up more on that coming up here after Heather's headlines at six thirty three. Kiro radio realtime traffic, I'm Tracy Taylor. I'm Bobby Wagner, honorary GM of beacon plumbing. We know your home is your most important investment. So when that pipe bursts, stop freaking.

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