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Hair skin and nails and you know as we age often were having trouble with our hair skin or nails and often all its available to us is some kind of collagen product when we already overeating protein so that doesn't make any sense as an answer what we really need is something that gives them missing ingredient and that missing ingredient is a soluble as to form of carrot and then we derive that from sheets will it's got some really great studies showing that the it's an portent structural protein and that it really delivers the goods it effectively support skin moisture elasticity and compaq miss as well as overall hair and nail health and strength while and in almost products as i said earlier are from chicken collagen well little if any help because we are already getting so much protein as a nation typically most people need to cut down because they're not doing enough physical activity to derive two uh deserve award for the body to use that much protein in you know as we age the skin thins the hair and nails have increasing difficulty in getting this carrot ten they need and that's because it's got to go through the liver and you guys are eating too much for those refined oils and that's the thing we want to really get a lid on that supposedly heart healthy olive oil coconut oil all look and of course canola oil and the and.

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