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Berman dot com get traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty one of five point nine FM not a bad forecast it'll from accu weather today a mix of clouds and sun the high fifty two are low tonight thirty four than tomorrow cloudy with rain arriving in the afternoon hours it'll be breezy increasingly Wendy tomorrow night with more rain and then a low of forty two right now we have forty degrees at the lake front thirty eight at midway thirty seven Adil here thirty four degrees in Inverness forty one in Hammond going up to a high fifty two WBBM news time five fifty live in local the only station covering the news as it happens all day and all night news radio seven eighty one oh five point nine FM Indiana lawmakers of bush's support for raising the stakes legal age to buy tobacco vaping products Republican house speaker bride Bozeman says he supports raising the age of eighteen to twenty one along with the majority of the house Republican caucus bows and others briefly blocked the move no to the people who serve in the military could vote by a gun at the age of eighteen and Indiana live stock broker has been sentenced to prison for wire fraud federal prosecutors say Brian Jones of downstate Indiana was sentenced to fifty one months in prison and ordered to pay nearly seven hundred fifty thousand dollars in restitution to victims he defrauded according to court documents Jones operated a business buying calves from dairy farms in Wisconsin and selling them to cattle ranches in Texas and Missouri by the end of twenty fifteen Jones had squandered funds from those who bought the cattle and those who sold them to him using the money for his personal expenses Bob Conway newsradio one oh five point nine FM three court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's out of the hospital after treatment for chills and fever the eighty six year old Justin said to be doing well after receiving intravenous antibiotics and fluids Ginsberg who treated for cancer twice in the past year her name is Willie Murphy she's eighty two and man can she pack a punch police in Rochester New York say man broke into our home but had no idea Murphy was an award winning bodybuilder she administered quite up SmackDown stopping the intruder in his tracks.

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